Westminster–Eburne Line

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The Westminster–Eburne Line is an electrified 3.3 mile railway line of the British Columbia Hydro Railway running from Trapp Yard, the railway's main marshalling yard, to Boundary, connecting at Trapp Yard with the Central Park Line.

The Westminster–Eburne Line is part of BC Hydro Railway's Westminster Division.


The Westminster–Eburne Line was opened by the British Columbia Electric Railway (BCER), running from Marpole - then known as Eburne - on the Lulu Island Line east to New Westminster, to connect with the BCER's Central Park Line; all three of these lines were electrified at 1500V DC, and were used for both interurban passenger and freight trains. Conversion of the electrification to the national standard system of 25Kv 60Hz happened in 1932. The BCER was nationalised in 1960, becoming the BC Hydro Railway.

In preparation for the construction of the first two lines of the Greater Vancouver Metro system, service on the Westminster–Eburne Line was discontinued west of Boundary Road in 1984, with the line west of Boundary Road to Marpole being converted to the Metro standard. The result was today's Fraser River Line running from New Westminster to Marpole, being opened in 1987.


The truncated remnant east of Boundary Road was kept open, and continues to see freight traffic serving various industries along the line.


A yellow background indicates that that section of line is electrified, italic text indicates a closed station or connection on an open section of line, and a grey background indicates a closed section of line.

Westminster–Eburne Line
Station Milepost
Connecting lines Notes
New Westminster
- 0.0 Burnaby Lake Line Closed 1953
12th Street - 0.5 Central Park Line
Westminster Sub (CPR)
(both via 14th Street)
Closed 1962
Trapp Yard 0.0 2.1 Central Park Line
Queensborough Line
BCH shops and main marshalling yard; named Spring prior to 1960
9th Avenue 0.6 - - BAS Distribution; opened 1964
Meadow 0.8 2.9 - ABC Recycling; named Trapp prior to 1960
Byrne Road 1.7 3.8 - Byrne Wholesale Lumber
Wiggin Road 2.1 4.2 - Closed 1984
Glen Lyon 2.6 4.7 - Closed 1984
Greenall 3.0 5.1 - Evonik Pharmaceuticals BC, Vanrx Pharmasystems
Boundary 3.3 5.4 -
Dominion Mills - 5.8 - Metro Dominion Mills Station built on same site
Kerr Road - 6.2 -
Argyle Road - 7.6 -
Campbell Road - 8.0 -
Fraser Street - 8.5 -
Main Street - 9.0 -
Canada Street - 9.2 -
Heather Street - 9.9 -
Marpole - 10.1 Lulu Island Line Metro Marpole Station built on same site