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Transportation in British Columbia is of vital importance to the functioning of British Columbia's society and economy.

Road transport[edit]

British Columbia has a well-developed network of highways and trunk roads.

Notable road freight transport companies include CP Transport and its subdivision CP Express, Cal-Van Transport, and Dolphin Express; the transport of goods by road is limited by law - freight may not be transported by road on distances over 150 miles between points connected by rail.

Inter-city bus lines of note are Greyhound BC, Pacific Coach Lines, and Maverick Coach Lines.

Rail transport[edit]

As in many countries, rail transport is an extremely important component of BC's transportation system. As in the rest of North America, the transport of freight comprises the bulk of rail traffic in the Dominion; however, passenger transport has been and continues to be of major importance in BC - in contrast to railways on the rest of the continent, where the importance of the railway to the movement of passengers declined after the 1960s, outside of eastern Canada, the northeast and west coast of the United States, and Mexico. It is only since the dawn of the 21st century that its significance has started to increase once again, with the introduction of true high-speed rail service.

In BC, rail transport is provided by a number of companies, both Crown corporations and privately owned companies.

The price of train tickets in BC is specified by the Ministry of Labour, Industry and Railways in the Schedule of Railway Fares published every three years; this Schedule of Fares is applicable to tickets on all public-service railways in BC.

Current railway companies of BC[edit]

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Defunct railway companies of BC[edit]

Air transport[edit]

Commercial air transport is less important in BC than rail transport, but it nevertheless plays an important role, especially in the North and along the central and northern coast, where the road and rail network is less well developed or nonexistent. Air traffic for passenger and freight is provided by a number of Crown corporations and privately owned companies.

As BC's gateway to the world, the most important airport in BC is Grant McConachie International Airport in Vancouver; it is the busiest airport in the Dominion and is the primary airport for overseas services.

Both the Royal BC Air Force and the Royal BC Navy operate regularly scheduled services that are open to the public serving routes in remote areas that are socially essential, but that offer little chance of profitability; these generally operate once a week. The RBCAF also operates scheduled flights between its bases that are open to members of the BCDF and their families.

The registration prefix for civilian aircraft registered in BC is VB.

Current airlines of BC[edit]

Airline IATA ICAO Callsign Hub airport(s) or
Air BC BC ABC SKOOKUM Kamloops, Prince George, Vancouver, Victoria scheduled domestic, continental, international; joint flag carrier with Inter-Dominion
Cascadia Air CS CBF CASCADIA Campbell River scheduled domestic, air taxi, charter
Central Mountain Air 9M GLR GLACIER Hagwilget, Kelowna scheduled domestic, continental
Corilair CR COR CORILAIR Campbell River Harbour, Vancouver–Coal Harbour scheduled domestic; charter domestic (floatplane)
CP Air CP CPC EMPRESS Vancouver scheduled domestic,continental,international; subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway
Harbour Air H3 HES HARBOUR EXPRESS Vancouver–Coal Harbour, Victoria Inner Harbour scheduled domestic
Harmony Airways HQ HMY HARMONY Vancouver scheduled continental
Hawkair BH BHA HAWKAIR Ganiks Laxha, Mackenzie scheduled domestic, continental
Helijet Airways JB JBA HELIJET Vancouver Harbour Heliport, Prince Rupert–Seal Cove scheduled domestic, continental
Inter-Dominion Air Lines ID IDL INTER-DOMINION Vancouver scheduled continental, international; joint flag carrier with Air BC
Island Express Air IX IAX ABBY AIR Abbotsford scheduled domestic
Jetlines JL CJF JETLINE Abbotsford, Kelowna scheduled domestic, continental, international
KD Air KD KDC KAY DEE Qualicum Beach scheduled domestic
Kelowna Flightcraft FK KFA FLIGHTCRAFT Kelowna scheduled domestic; charter domestic, continental, international
Kootenay Airways KY KTY KOOTENAY Cranbrook scheduled domestic
North Cariboo Air N9 NCB NORTH CARIBOO Williams Lake scheduled domestic; charter domestic
Northern Thunderbird Air TB NTA THUNDERBIRD Prince Rupert, Cassiar, Mackenzie scheduled domestic
Orca Airways OR ORK ORCA TAXI Vancouver scheduled domestic
Pacific Coastal Airlines 8P PCO PASCO Bella Bella, Vancouver scheduled domestic; charter domestic, Alaska
Pacific Western Airlines PW PWA PACIFIC WESTERN Vancouver, Dawson Creek scheduled domestic, continental; jointly owned by BC and Alberta governments
Royal BC Air Force BF RBF OWL Comox scheduled domestic
Royal BC Navy BN RBN SALTCHUCK NAB Thunderbird scheduled domestic
Seair SE SS1 SEAIR Vancouver–Coal Harbour scheduled domestic; charter domestic (floatplane)
Utari Air UW UMS AINU Furukamap, Iturup scheduled domestic, continental, international
Valley Air Taxi V1 VAX VALLEY TAXI Chilliwack scheduled domestic, continental; charter domestic, continental
Vancouver Island Air VL VIA VAN ISLE AIR Campbell River, Nanaimo, Nanaimo Harbour scheduled domestic

Defunct airlines of BC[edit]

Maritime transport[edit]

Public transit[edit]