Sir James Spilsbury International Water Airport

From Dominion of British Columbia
Sir James Spilsbury International Water Airport
MTC Location ID -
Address 1055 Dominion Place
Vancouver DV1D 0CC
Hub for Corilair
Harbour Air (main)
Seair (main)

Sir James Spilsbury International Water Airport, also known as Vancouver–Coal Harbour Water Airport is a seaplane port in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Incidents and accidents

  • 1 November 2000 Harbour Air DHBC-6 Twin Otter VB-HRG (C1565/1977), operating as Flight H3151 from Coal Harbour to Victoria Inner Harbour, suffered a loss of power in one engine on take-off and crashed. Shortly after take-off for the 35-minute scheduled flight, at an altitude of around 80 feet the no. 2 engine failed. The aircraft struck the water about 25 seconds later in a nose-down, right wing-low attitude, and the right hand float and wing detached from the fuselage. Both pilots and the fifteen passengers managed to clamber up onto the float and the wing until rescue boats, including the SeaBus harbour ferry, arrived to evacuate the survivors. The investigation revealed that a planetary gear in the propeller gearbox of no. 2 engine disintegrated, causing the drive shaft to disconnect from the propeller, which resulted in the loss of propulsion from the engine. The gear failure was found to have been caused by the fracturing of the oil strainer screen sending wire fragments and debris into the gear bearing sleeve. Investigators also concluded that although the airspeed was above VMC, the aircraft became uncontrollable due to power on the remaining engine not being reduced to relieve the asymmetric thrust until impact was imminent.

Airlines and destinations

Vancouver–Coal Harbour Water Airport hosts three airlines serving eight domestic and one continental destinations.


Airline Service area Destination Aircraft
Corilair Domestic Campbell River Harbour Otter
Nanaimo Harbour Twin Otter
Pender Harbour Otter
Victoria Inner Harbour Twin Otter
Whistler–Green Lake Twin Otter
Harbour Air Domestic Bella Bella–Denny Island Twin Otter
Ganges Twin Otter
Nanaimo Harbour Twin Otter
Sechelt Twin Otter
Victoria Inner Harbour Twin Otter
Whistler–Green Lake Twin Otter
Continental Seattle–Lake Union Twin Otter
Seair Domestic Campbell River Harbour Be-103
Nanaimo Harbour Twin Otter