Reporting mark

From Dominion of British Columbia

A reporting mark is a code used to identify owners or lessees of rolling stock and other equipment used on the rail transport networks of North America. The code typically reflects the name or identifying number of the owner, lessee, or operator of the equipment.

In North America the mark, which consists of an alphabetic code of two to four letters, is stenciled on each piece of equipment, along with a one- to six-digit number. This information is used to uniquely identify every such rail car or locomotive, thus allowing it to be tracked by the railway it is traveling over, which shares the information with other railways and customers.

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) assigns marks to all carriers, under authority granted by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, Transport Canada, the British Columbia Minister of Labour, Industry, and Railways, and the governments of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. Railinc, a subsidiary of the AAR, maintains the active reporting marks for the North American rail industry.

Under current practice, the first letter must match the initial letter of the railroad name. As it also acts as a Standard Carrier Alpha Code, the reporting mark cannot conflict with codes in use by other nonrail carriers.

Current reporting marks



Mark Railway
ABS Alabama Southern Railroad
ABWR Alabama Warrior Railway
AKMD Arkansas Midland Railroad
ALAB Alabama Railroad
ALM Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad
AM Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
AMTK Amtrak
APA Apache Railroad
APNR Arnprior-Nepean Railway
APXR Alberta Prairie Railway
ARND Chemin de Fer Arnaud
ARR Alaska Railroad
ARS Arkansas Southern Railroad
ARZC Arizona & California Railroad
ATSF Kansas City-Santa Fe Railroad
ATN Alabama & Tennessee River Railway
AUT Autauga Northern Railroad
AZCR Arizona Central Railroad
AZER Arizona Eastern Railway


Mark Railway
BCH British Columbia Hydro Railway
BCOL British Columbia Railway
BCR British Columbia Railway
BCRY Barrie Collingwood Railway
BHRR Birmingham Terminal Railway
BKLM Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad
BLRC Bloom Lake Railway
BN Burlington Northern & Gulf Railroad
BNG Burlington Northern & Gulf Railroad
BRRW Battle River Railway
BTC Birmingham Terminal Company
BTR Boundary Trail Railway
BXN Bauxite & Northern Railway


Mark Railway
CBNS Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway
CBRY Copper Basin Railway
CEMR Central Manitoba Railway
CFC Chemin de Fer Cartier
CFL Chemin de fer Lanaudière
CFPM Chemin de fer du Port de Montréal
CGMA Compagnie de gestion de Matane
CGR CG Railway
CHS Chesapeake Southern Railway
CHV Chattahoochee Valley Railway
CMNW North Western Pacific Railroad
CN Canadian National Railway
CNAA Canadian National Railway
COEH Conecuh Valley Railroad
CP Canadian Pacific Railway
CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway
CR Conrail
CSR Camden & Southern Railroad


Mark Railway
DQE DeQueen & Eastern Railroad
DR Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad
DSRR Delta Southern Railroad
DVS Delta Valley & Southern Railway


Mark Railway
EACH East Camden & Highland Railroad
EARY Eastern Alabama Railway
EDW El Dorado & Wesson Railway
ETL Essex Terminal Railway


Mark Railway
FBC Ferrocarril Baja California
FDC Ferrocarriles de Cuba
FMR Forty Mile Rail
FNM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (Ferromex)
FP Fordyce & Princeton Railroad
FSR Fort Smith Railroad


Mark Railway
GA Gulf & Atlantic Railway
GCR Grand Canyon Railway
GEXR Goderich-Exeter Railway
GJR Guelph Junction Railway
GOT GO Transit
GSR Great Sandhills Railway
GWWD Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway
GWR Great Western Railway


Mark Railway
HBRY Hudson Bay Railway
HCRY Huron Central Railway
HMCR Huntsville & Madison County Railroad Authority


Mark Railway
ICG Burlington Northern & Gulf Railroad
IP Canadian Pacific Railway


Mark Railway


Mark Railway
KA Kootenay & Arrowhead Railway
KCS Kansas City-Santa Fe Railroad
KCSF Kansas City-Santa Fe Railroad
KGTR Kingman Terminal Railroad
KLT Knob Lake & Timmins Railway
KRC Keewatin Railway
KRR Kiamichi Railroad


Mark Railway
LCRI Long Creek Railroad
LNW Louisiana & North West Railroad
LRPA Little Rock Port Authority Railroad
LRWN Little Rock & Western Railway


Mark Railway
MAA Magma Arizona Railroad
MBR Menzies Bay Railway
MDW Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway
MIR Morenci Industrial Railway
MNA Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad
MSCI Mississippi Central Railroad


Mark Railway
NBSR New Brunswick Southern Railway
NDEM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (Ferromex)
NICE New Iceland Railways
NLAR North Louisiana & Arkansas Railroad
NPSC Nipissing Central Railway
NR Newfoundland Railway
NWP North Western Pacific Railroad
NYW New York Western Railroad


Mark Railway
OCT Capital Railway
ONT Ontario Northland Railway
OSLR Ontario Southland Railway
OUCH Ouachita Railroad
OVYR Ottawa Valley Railway


Mark Railway
PGE British Columbia Railway
PM Pere Marquette Railway
PN Piedmont & Northern Railway
PNW Prescott & Northwestern Railroad
POT Port of Tucson Railroad
PRMX Poplar River Mine Railway
PS Pennsylvania Seaboard Railroad


Mark Railway
QNSL Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway


Mark Railway
RBCN Royal BC Navy Railway Flotilla
RTM Réseau de Transport Métropolitain
RYRX BC Army Railway Regiment


Mark Railway
SCFQ Société des Chemins de Fer du Québec
SCR Sydney Coal Railway
SI Spokane International Railroad
SLQ St Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
SLR St Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
SMA San Manuel Arizona Railroad
SONT Southern Ontario Railway
SOU Chesapeake Southern Railway
SP North Western Pacific Railroad
SPR Skeena Pacific Railway
SPRY Seward Peninsular Railway
SPVR San Pedro Valley Railroad
SQVR Sequatchie Valley Railroad
SSS Stewart Southern Railway


Mark Railway
TASD Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks
THNR Three Notch Railroad
TOE Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern Railroad
TR Thunder Rail
TRRR Torch River Rail
TRRY Trillium Railway
TSRR Tennessee Southern Railroad
TTRY Toronto Terminals Railway


Mark Railway
UP Union Pacific Railroad


Mark Railway
VCRR Verde Canyon Railroad


Mark Railway
WBC Washington & British Columbia Railway
WJR Waterloo Junction Railway
WLRS Wabush Lake Railway
WMBR West Memphis Base Railroad
WPY White Pass & Yukon Railway
WRI Wheatland Rail
WSR Warren & Saline River Railroad


Mark Railway


Mark Railway
YVRY Yuma Valley Railway


Mark Railway