Postal codes in British Columbia

From Dominion of British Columbia

Since 1974, the system of postal codes in British Columbia used by the Royal Mail of BC has been identical to the system used by the Royal Mail of the United Kingdom.



Postal codes are alphanumeric, and are variable in length: ranging from six to eight characters (including a space). Each postal code is divided into two parts separated by a single space: the outwards code and the inwards code respectively. The outwards code includes the postal code area and the postal code district, respectively. The inwards code includes the postal code sector and the postal code unit respectively. Examples of postal codes are "AF7 3XP", "BU21W 7AE", "OL1 2WA", and "DV6 1BA".

Outwards code Inwards code
Area District Sector Unit
SW 1W 0 NY

Outwards code

The outward code is the part of the postal code before the single space in the middle. It is between two and four characters long. Examples of outward codes are "FC1", "CV1E", "WV1", or "MZ1". A few outward codes are non-geographic, not divulging where mail is to be sent.

Postal code area

The postal code area is part of the outward code. The postal code area is either one or two characters long and is alphabetical. Examples of postal code areas are "CV" for City of Vancouver, "V" for Victoria, and "PG" for Prince George. A postal code area may cover a wide area, for example "OS" covers the North Thompson, Shuswap, and Northeast Okanagan regions.

Postal code district

The postal code district is one digit, two digits or a digit followed by a letter. In some cases the presence of one or two digits is distinctive, for example "NVx" codes indicate the City of North Vancouver, whilst NVxx codes refer to the District of North Vancouver.

Inwards code

The inward code is the part of the postal code after the single space in the middle. It is three characters long. The inward code assists in the delivery of post within a postal district. Examples of inward codes are "0NY", "7GZ", "7HF", or "8JQ".

Postal code sector

The postal code sector is made up of a single digit (the first character of the inward code).

Postal code unit

The postal code unit is two characters added to the end of the postal code sector. A postal code unit generally represents a street, part of a street, a single address, a group of properties, a single property, a sub-section of the property, an individual organisation or a subsection of the organisation. The level of discrimination is often based on the amount of mail received by the premises or business.

Non-geographic codes

Most postal codes apply to a geographic area but some are used only for routing and cannot be used for navigation or estimating distances. They are often used for direct marketing and PO boxes. Most notable of these are "FP1" (Freepost" for prepaid business reply mail) and "DF1" for the Defence Force.

Many non-geographic postcodes do not appear on the Royal Mail's own online postal code finder tool or their online postage printing tool, which can add to confusion when responding to organisations that use such addresses. Likewise, delivery services or couriers other than the Royal Mail may not be able to deliver to such non-physical addresses.

Special postal codes

Postal codes are allocated by the Royal Mail's Address Management Unit and cannot be purchased or specified by the recipient. However, the Royal Mail sometimes assigns semi-mnemonic postal codes to high-profile organisations; some of these can be somewhat playful and creative, such as in using a "5" to represent an "S".

Prominent examples are:

Postcode Organisation, Postal code area
AF1 1HQ BC Army Headquarters, Abbotsford Centre
AF2 1DP Delair Park (shopping centre), Abbotsford East
AF3 1AA Abbotsford Arena, Abbotsford West
AF7 3XP Abbotsford Exhibition Park, Clearbrook, Abbotsford
AF7 0AK Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, Clearbrook, Abbotsford
AF10 1XA Abbotsford International Airport (XAB), North Poplar, Abbotsford
AL1 1NR HMBCS Aldergrove (Navy Radio), Aldergrove
B1 0CP Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Blaenau (Blaenau City Football Club), Blaenau (Canolfan)
B1 0CR Clwb Rygbi Blaenau (Blaenau Rugby Club), Blaenau (Canolfan)
BC1W 0RP HMBCS Porpoise, Bella Coola West
BU9 5FU Simon Fraser University, Burnaby - Burnaby Mountain
BU10 1HO Hillstrom Oil, Burnaby - Parkcrest-Aubrey
CG1S 0SC Selkirk College, Castlegar South
CQ3 1LM Lougheed Town Centre Mall, Coquitlam - South
CV3N 0ES Empire Stadium, Vancouver City - North Hastings-Sunrise
CV3N 0RC Vancouver Orca, Vancouver City - North Hastings-Sunrise
CX6 1DF DFJB Comox (Defence Force), Comox
DV1W 1SC Sinclair Centre, Vancouver Downtown - Waterfront
DV1W 1SU PetroBC (Supertest), Vancouver Downtown - Waterfront
DV2E 1PD Vancouver Police Department Headquarters, Vancouver Downtown - Downtown Eastside
DV3D 1BB Bank of British Columbia, Vancouver Downtown - Northeast Downtown
DV3H 1SS Simpsons-Sears of BC, Vancouver Downtown - Harbour Centre
DV3I 8CP BC Place Stadium, Vancouver Downtown - International Village
DV3I 0IA Imperial Arena, Vancouver Downtown - International Village
DV5S 0RC Vancouver Rowing Club, Vancouver Downtown - Stanley Park
DV6 1BA British-American Oil, Vancouver Downtown - Bentall Centre
DV6 0MB Bank of Montreal (BMO in reverse), Vancouver Downtown - Bentall Centre
DV8 8CH BC Hydro & Power Authority, Vancouver Downtown - Southwest Downtown
FN2 1AF RBCAF Fort Nelson (Air Force), Fort Nelson
HG1 1NR HMBCS Masset (Navy Radio), Haida Gwaii - Masset
HG7 1SL HMBCS Sea Lion, Haida Gwaii - Skidegate
L1 1RL Rover-Leyland, Lumby
NA9 0RC HMBCS Orca (Orca), Nanaimo - Nanoose Bay
NA10 1RC Air Vice Marshal Sir Raymond Collishaw International Airport, Nanaimo - Collishaw
NW1 1QB BC Court of Queen's Bench, New Westminster Centre
NW5 0QP Queen's Park Stadium, New Westminster - Queen's Park
NW6 9RC Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster - Sapperton
NW6 0TA Greater Vancouver Transit Authority, New Westminster - Sapperton
NW7A 1DH Fairey BC (De Havilland), New Westminster - Annacis Island
PR2 1RB HMBCS Rainbow, Prince Rupert - Port Edward
PR11 1TB NAB Thunderbird, Prince Rupert - Outskirts
QT2 1TY HMBCS Tyee, Quatsino
R2 6MA Grant McConachie International Airport, Richmond - Sea Island
SN3 1UV University of Victoria, Saanich - Southeast
TL1 1FT Fort Tsayta, Takla Landing
UL1 1AP Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, Ucluelet
V1D 1CC Council of Chiefs, Victoria - Downtown
V1D 1DF BC Defence Force General Headquarters, Victoria - Downtown
V1D 1GG Governor General's Office, Victoria - Downtown
V1D 1HC House of Commons, Victoria - Downtown
V2 1NN HMBCS Naden, Victoria - Esquimalt
V2 1DY HMBC Dockyard, Victoria - Esquimalt
V8S 0BW Oak Bay Wanderers RFC, Victoria - Oak Bay
V22 0AA James Bay Athletic Association, Victoria - James Bay
V23 3VI Victoria International Airport (XVI), Victoria - Patricia Bay
VE7 5CC Vernon Cadet Camp, Vernon - Middleton
WF1 9SM Supermarine BC, Winfield
YL3 1FI Fort Inkawthia, Yale - Spuzzum

Postal outwards codes in BC

Postal code area Area name Postal code district District name
A Atlin A1 Atlin Centre
A1N Atlin North
A1S Atlin South
A2 Atlin Lake
A3 Five Mile Point
A4 Scotia Bay
A5 Surprise Lake
A6 Taku
A7 Teresa Island
A8 Warm Bay
AC Ashcroft AC1 Ashcroft Centre
AC1B Bonaparte
AC1N Ashcroft North
AC1S Ashcroft South
AC2 Barnes Creek
AC2M Mahard (Mahard FC35 prior to 1984)
AC3 Cornwall
AC4 South Nepa
AF Abbotsford AF1 Abbotsford Centre
AF1E Abbotsford East
AF1W Abbotsford West
AF2 Aberdeen
AF3 Bradner
AF4 Clayburn
AF5 Clearbrook
AF6 Gifford
AF7 Huntingdon
AF8 Matsqui
AF9 Mount Lehman
AF10 North Poplar
AF11 South Poplar
AF12 Sema:th (Upper Sumas AF12 prior to 1979)
AH Ainsworth Hot Springs AH1 Ainsworth Hot Springs
AL Aldergrove AL1 Aldergrove
AS Armstrong AS1 Armstrong Centre
AS1N Armstrong North
AS1S Armstrong South
AS2 Gambrinus
AS3 Mendenhall
AS4 Grandview Flats
AY Aiyansh AY1 Aiyansh (discontinued; Aiyansh GT2 since 1988)
AY2 New Aiyansh (discontinued; Gitlaxt’aamiks GT1 since 1988)
AZ Agassiz AZ1 Agassiz
B Blaenau B1 Blaenau Centre (Canolfan)
B1G Blaenau North (Gogledd)
B2 Aberystwyth
B3 Begbie
B4 Brynmawr
B5 Cartier
B6 Ffestiniog
B7 Ffynhonnell
B8 Gwynedd
B9 Gwyrddni
B10 Llangefni
B11 Pontypridd
B12 Tonkawatla
B13 Trolif Mawr
B14 Ylesylywêt
B15 Mychulac
BB Boston Bar BB1 Boston Bar
BB1Q Quayome (North Bend BB7 prior to 1977)
BB1T Tuckkwiowhum
BB2 Ades
BB3 Tsintahktl (Boothroyd BB3 prior to 1990)
BB4 Canyon Alpine
BB5 Cathmar (discontinued 1981)
BB6 Chapmans
BB7 Chaumox (discontinued 1990)
BB8 China Bar
BB9 Hells Gate
BB10 North Bend (discontinued; Quayome BB1Q since 1977)
BC Bella Coola BC1 Bella Coola Centre
BC1N Bella Coola North
BC1W Bella Coola West
BC2 Acwsalcta
BC3 Satskw (Chatscah BC3 prior to 1977)
BC4 Kimsquit
BC5 Kristiania
BC6 Nutl′lhiixw (Firvale BC6 prior to 1977)
BC7 Asklhta (Salmon House Falls BC7 prior to 1977)
BC8 Stuwic
BC9 Talyu (Tallheo BC9 prior to 1977)
BC10 Ix7piixm (Tallheo Hot Springs BC10 prior to 1977)
BL Burns Lake BL1 Burns Lake Centre
BL1S Burns Lake South
BL2 Decker Lake
BL3 Gerow Island
BL4 Jubinville
BL5 Palling
BL6 Rose Lake
BL7 Woyenne
BQ Bob Quinn Lake BQ1 Bob Quinn Lake
BQ2 Bell II
BQ3 Burrage Creek
BS Bonus Lake BS1 Bonus Lake
BU Burnaby BU1 Metrotown (Kingsway-Beresford BU1 prior to 1985)
BU2 Lakeview-Mayfield
BU3 Richmond Park
BU4 Burnaby Heights-Capitol Hill
BU5E East Central Valley
BU5W West Central Valley
BU6 Willingdon Heights
BU7 Government Road
BU8 Lake City
BU9 Burnaby Mountain
BU10 Parkcrest-Aubrey
BU11 Ardingley-Sprott
BU12 Cascade Heights
BU13 Douglas-Gilpin
BU14 Marlborough
BU15 Oakalla
BU16 Windsor
BU17 Maywood
BU18 Clinton-Glenwood
BU19 Sussex-Nelson
BU20 Suncrest
BU21E East Big Bend
BU21W West Big Bend
BU22 Middlegate
BU23 Stride Avenue
BU24 Cariboo-Armstrong
BU25 Brentwood
BU26 Westridge-Lochdale
BU27 Montecito
BW Bowen Island BW1 Bowen Island (discontinued; Nexwlélexm NX1 since 1977)
BY Bulkley Valley, Omineca and Yellowhead BY1 Aleza Lake
BY2 Baldy Hughes
BY3 Bear Lake
BY4 Bend
BY5 Minskinish (Cedarvale BY5 prior to 1978)
BY6 Cheslatta
BY7 Chief Lake
BY8 Danskin
BY9 Dome Creek
BY10 Dunster
BY11 Ecstew
BY12 Forestdale
BY13 Fort Ware
BY14 Francois Lake
BY15 Fraser Lake
BY16 Germansen Landing
BY16T 12 Mile (12 Mile BY48 prior to 2002)
BY17 Giscome
BY18 Granisle
BY19 Grassy Plains
BY20 Hutchison
BY21 Ingenika Point
BY22 Isle Pierre
BY23 Kemess Creek
BY24 Legrand
BY25 Longworth
BY26 Tse′khene (McLeod Lake BY26 prior to 1981)
BY26F Finlay (Finlay MK6 prior to 1980)
BY27 Manson Creek
BY28 McDonalds Landing
BY29 Mud River
BY30 Newlands
BY31 Noralee
BY32 Nukko Lake
BY33 Ootsa Lake
BY34 Penny
BY35 Priestley
BY36 Punchaw (discontinued 2005)
BY37 Purden Lake
BY38 Reid Lake
BY39 Sheraton
BY40 Southbank
BY41 Stellako
BY42 Streatham
BY43 Takysie Lake
BY44 Tchesinkut Lake
BY45 Tintagel
BY46 Topley
BY47 Tsay Keh
BY48 12 Mile (discontinued 2002)
BY49 Upper Fraser
BY50 Willow River
BY51 Wistaria
C Chase C1 Chase
C2 Railside
C3 Sahhaltkum
CB Cranbrook CB1 Cranbrook Centre
CB1N Cranbrook North
CB1S Cranbrook South
CB2 Eager
CB3 Elizabeth Lake
CB4 Fassiferne
CB5 Idlewild
CB6 Jim Smith Lake
CB7 Lumberton
CB8 Parkland
CB9 St Eugene Mission
CB10 South Star
CB11 Sylvan Lake
CB12 Twin Lakes
CB13 Wanklyn
CB14 Wycliffe
CC Cache Creek CC1 Cache Creek
CC1W Cache Creek West
CC2 Boston Flats
CC3 Campbell Hill
CC4 St′uxwtews (Sage Hill CC4 prior to 1980)
CC5 Mishkolts
CC6 Brookside (opened 1991)
CD Croydon CD1 Croydon
CF Chilanko Forks CF1 Chilanko Forks
CF1P Puntzi Mountain
CG Castlegar CG1 Castlegar Centre
CG1N Castlegar North
CG1S Castlegar South
CG2 Blueberry Creek
CG3 Brilliant
CG4 Genelle
CG5 Gibson Creek
CG6 Kinnaird
CG7 Ootischenia
CG8 Raspberry
CG9 Robson
CG10 Robson West
CG11 Thrums
CG12 Waterloo
CG13 Westley
CH Chetwynd CH1 Chetwynd Centre
CH1E Chetwynd East
CH1N Chetwynd North
CH1W Chetwynd West
CH2 Aspen Place
CH3 Big Lake
CH4 Bond
CH5 Caron Creek
CH6 Dokkie Siding
CH7 Xenia
CH8 Wabi (opened 1999)
CL Chilliwack CL1 Chilliwack Centre
CL1E Chilliwack East
CL1W Chilliwack West
CL2 Atchelitz
CL3 Barrowtown
CL4 Soowahlie (Cultus Lake CL4 prior to 1979)
CL5 Fairfield
CL6 Greendale
CL7 Kwawkwawapilt
CL8 Rosedale
CL9 Sardis
CL9S Skowkale
CL9Y Yakweakwioose
CL10 Shxwhá:y
CL11 Squiala
CL12 Vedder Mountain
CL13 Yarrow
CM Chemainus CM1 Chemainus
CM1B Chemainus Bay
CM2 Banon Creek
CM3 Saltair
CM4 Panorama Ridge (opened 1991)
CN Clinton CN1 Clinton
CN2 Chasm
CN3 Jesmond
CN4 Kelly Lake
CN5 South Clinton
CN6 Willow Springs
CO Chilcotin CO1 Tl′etinqox (Alexis Creek CO1 prior to 1977)
CO1B Bull Canyon
CO2 Big Lake Ranch (discontinued; Big Lake Ranch LK4 since 1975)
CO3 Tsilhqox Biny (Chilko Lake CO3 prior to 1977)
CO4 Yunesit′in (Hanceville CO4 prior to 1977)
CO5 Klinaklini (Kleena Kleene CO5 prior to 1980)
CO5C Clearwater Lake
CO6 Moose Lake
CO7 Nemaiah Valley
CO8 Nimpo Lake
CO9 Riske Creek
CO9T Tl′esqox
CO10 Scar Creek
CO11 Scum Lake
CO12 Tatla Lake
CO12W White Saddle Ranch
CO13 Tatlayoko Lake
CO14 Tsacha Lake
CO15 Tsetzi Lake
CO16 Tsuniah Lake
CP Clapperton CP1 Clapperton
CP2 Sxe′xn′x (Agate CP2 prior to 1977)
CP3 Dot
CQ Coquitlam CQ1 Coquitlam Centre
CQ1N Coquitlam North
CQ1S Coquitlam South
CQ2 Austin Heights
CQ3 Burquitlam
CQ4 Cariboo
CQ5 Cassin
CQ6 Chineside
CQ7 Dartmoor
CQ8 Eagle Ridge
CQ9 Essondale
CQ10 Fraser Mills
CQ11 Laurentian-Belaire
CQ12 Maillardville
CQ13 Mayfair
CQ14 Meadowbrook
CQ15 Ranch Park
CQ16 River Springs
CQ17 Setɬamékmən
CQ18 Slakəyánc
CQ19 Westwood
CQ20 Burke Mountain (opened 2001)
CQ21 Minnekhada (opened 2007)
CR Campbell River CR1 Campbell River Centre
CR1S Campbell River South
CR1W Campbell River West
CR2 Duncan Bay
CR3 Elk Falls
CR4 Xwémalhkwu (Homalco CR4 prior to 1985)
CR5 McIvor Lake
CR6 Menzies Bay
CR6R Race Point
CR7 Nenagwas
CR7Y York
CR8 North Campbell River
CR9 Ocean Grove
CR10 Oyster River
CR10B Black Creek (Black Creek IS5 prior to 1993)
CR10S Saratoga Beach (Opened 1987)
CR11 Quinsam
CR12 Shelter Point
CR13 Weywakum
CR14 Willow Creek
CS Cassiar CS1 Cassiar Centre
CS1E Cassiar East
CS1W Cassiar West
CS2 Centreville
CS2G Good Hope Lake
CS3 Jade City
CS4 Simmons Lake
CS5 Chromite (Opened 1984)
CT Creston CT1 Creston Centre
CT1N Creston North
CT2 Alice Siding
CT3 Arrow Creek
CT4 Canyon Junction
CT5 Corbin
CT6 Erickson
CT7 Huscroft
CT8 Lister
CT9 Nicks Island
CT10 Rykerts
CT11 Yaqan Nuʔkiy (West Creston CT11 prior to 1974)
CT12 Wilkes
CT13 Wynndel
CU Courtenay CU1 Courtenay Centre
CU1N Courtenay North
CU2 Cumberland
CU3 Bevan
CU4 Millard
CU5 Nymph Falls
CU6 Puntledge
CU7 Royston
CU8 Sandwick
CU9 Union Bay
CU10 Valley Vista
CV Vancouver City CV1E East Fairview
CV1G Granville Island
CV1W West Fairview
CV2C Central Kitsilano
CV2E East Kitsilano
CV2W West Kitsilano
CV2Q Quilchena
CV3N North Hastings-Sunrise
CV3S South Hastings-Sunrise
CV4 Greektown
CV5W Northeast Shaughnessy
CV5E Northwest Shaughnessy
CV5S South Shaughnessy
CV6N Northwest Arbutus Ridge
CV6S Southeast Arbutus Ridge
CV7N Northeast Dunbar-Southlands
CV7S South Dunbar-Southlands
CV7W Northwest Dunbar-Southlands
CV8N North Renfrew-Collingwood
CV8S South Renfrew-Collingwood
CV9N North Grandview-Woodland
CV9S South Grandview-Woodland
CV10N Northeast Kerrisdale
CV10W West Kerrisdale
CV10S Southeast Kerrisdale
CV11E Northeast Oakridge
CV11N Northwest Oakridge
CV11S Southeast Oakridge
CV11W Southwest Oakridge
CV12E Southeast Kensington-Cedar Cottage
CV12N Northeast Kensington-Cedar Cottage
CV12S Southwest Kensington-Cedar Cottage
CV12W West Kensington-Cedar Cottage
CV13 Musqueam
CV14 Victoria-Fraserview
CV15E East Marpole
CV15W West Marpole
CV16W West Point Grey
CV16J Jericho
CV17 Killarney
CV18 Chaldecutt
CV19S South University Endowment Lands
CV19U University of British Columbia
CV20E East Mount Pleasant
CV20W West Mount Pleasant
CV21N Northeast Riley Park-Little Mountain
CV21S Southeast Riley Park-Little Mountain
CV21W West Riley Park-Little Mountain
CV22N North Sunset
CV22S South Sunset
CV23 South Cambie
CW Clearwater CW1 Clearwater
CW2 Auldgirth
CW3 Birch Island
CW4 Blackpool
CX Comox CX1 Comox
CX2 DFJB Comox
CX3 Balmoral Beach
CX4 Lazo
CX5 Little River
CX6 Port Augusta
CY Canyon City CY1 Canyon City (discontinued; Gitwinksihlkw GW1 since 1988)
D Delta D1 Annieville
D2 Boundary Bay
D3 Ladner
D4 North Delta
D4D Deas Island
D4T Tilbury Island
D5 Port Guichon
D5W Westham Island
D6 Sunshine Hills
DC Dawson Creek DC1 Dawson Creek Centre
DC1E Dawson Creek East
DC1W Dawson Creek West
DC2 Bessborough
DC2W Willowbrook (Willowbrook N95 prior to 1980)
DC3 Briar Ridge
DC4 Chamberlain
DC5 Friesen
DC6 Kilkerran
DC7 Loiselle
DC8 McKinnon
DC9 Oriana
DC10 Parkhill
DC11 Piper Pond
DC12 Reasbeck
DC13 Seven Mile Corner
DC14 South Dawson
DC15 Sweetwater (Sweetwater N78 prior to 1978)
DC15F Farmington (Farmington N25 prior to 1978)
DC15P Parkland (opened 1987)
DC16 Arras (Arras N3 prior to 1984)
DD Tsi Del Del DD1 Tsi Del Del
DD1D Redstone
DF BC Defence Force DF1 BC Defence Force (non-geographic)
DL Dease Lake DL1 Dease Lake Centre
DL2 RBCAF Dease Lake
DL3 Allan Lake
DL4 Jade Landing
DL5 North Dease Lake
DL6 Philippone Lake
DL7 Southshore
DL8 Tanzilla
DL9 Tatcho Creek
DL10 Tatl′ah
DL11 Waters Edge
DS Discovery Islands DS1 Kwup Łus (Hernando Island DS1 prior to 1981)
DS2C Kwakwamaws, Łoʔos Island (Cortes Bay DS2C, Cortes Island prior to 1981)
DS2F θakwusəman, Łoʔos Island (Seaford DS2F prior to 1981)
DS2M Łaytoθén, Łoʔos Island (Mansons Landing DS2M prior to 1981)
DS2Q P′apanamén, Łoʔos Island (Squirrel Cove DS2Q prior to 1981)
DS2S Kumaxən, Łoʔos Island (Smelt Bay DS2S prior to 1981)
DS2T T′oq′, Łoʔos Island (Tork DS2T prior to 1981)
DS2W T′eqt′in, Łoʔos Island (Whaletown DS2W prior to 1981)
DS3C Tθətltan, West Redonda Island (Refuge Cove DS3C prior to 1981)
DS3R T′axəm ʔajim, West Redonda Island (Redonda Bay DS3R prior to 1981)
DS3T T′ekən, West Redonda Island (Teakerne Arm DS3T prior to 1981)
DS4 Qweqwalqén, East Redonda Island
DS5D Giʔéjin, Quadra Island (Drew Harbour DS5D prior to 1981)
DS5G Qa′e′nés, Quadra Island (Granite Bay DS5G prior to 1981)
DS5H Jiʔéčin, Quadra Island (Heriot Bay DS5H prior to 1981)
DS5L Yaculta, Quadra Island
DS5M Čiqwowutén, Quadra Island (Cape Mudge DS5M prior to 1981)
DS5P Łokwajim, Quadra Island (Open Bay DS5P prior to 1981)
DS5Q Qwuθaysqén, Quadra Island (Quathiaski Cove DS5Q prior to 1981)
DS5V Yuyukwiʔəm, Quadra Island (Village Bay DS5V prior to 1981)
DS5W Qwiqwaquł, Quadra Island (Gowland Harbour DS5W prior to 1981)
DS5Y Mətθqwamén, Quadra Island (Hyacinth Bay DS5Y prior to 1981)
DS6 Jixəp, Read Island (Evans Bay DS6 prior to 1981)
DS7 Qwé′qwam Qomem, Maurelle Island (Maurelle Island DS7 prior to 1981)
DS8M Mušqén, Sonora Island (Mushkin DS8M prior to 1981)
DS8S Qéqégiš, Sonora Island (Sonora DS8S prior to 1981)
DS8W Giixomixw, Sonora Island (Owen Bay DS8W prior to 1981)
DS9 Mimqwatθay, Stuart Island
DS10 Shoal Bay, East Thurlow Island
DS11 Blind Channel, West Thurlow Island
DS12 Bendickson, Hardwicke Island
DS13B Bones Bay, West Cracroft Island
DS13C Nali Waxzad, West Cracroft Island (Cracroft DS13C prior to 1985)
DS13K Kiskiltum, East Cracroft Island
DS13L Lagoon Cove, West Cracroft Island
DS13P Port Harvey, East Cracroft Island
DS14A Adap′e, Turnour Island
DS14K Kalugwis, Turnour Island (Karlukwees DS14K prior to 1985)
DS15D Adlagamalla, Harbledown Island
DS15G Aglakumna, Harbledown Island
DS15T Tsatsisnukwomi, Harbledown Island
DS16 Gwi′gadi (Hanson Island DS16 prior to 1985)
DS17A Alert Bay, Cormorant Island
DS17Y Yalis, Cormorant Island
DS18 Kolhkotlha, Swanson Island
DS19 Mimkwamlis, Village Island
DS20 Nuxda′ma, Compton Island
DS21M Tlhatlhaskudis, Malcolm Island (Mitchell Bay DS21M prior to 1985)
DS21S Sointula, Malcolm Island
DS22A Apsagayu, Gilford Island
DS22D Dakiulis, Gilford Island
DS22E Kwaxwalawadi, Gilford Island (Echo Bay DS22E prior to 1985)
DS22H Gwayasdams, Gilford Island (Health Bay DS22H prior to 1985)
DS23 Sullivan Bay, Broughton Island
DU Duncan DU1 Duncan
DU2 Cowichan Bay
DU2Q Quw′utsun
DU2T Tl′lulpalus
DU3 Deerholme
DU4 Eagle Heights
DU5 Fairbridge
DU6 Genoa Bay
DU7 Glenora
DU8 Hillcrest
DU9 Xwulqw′selu (Koksilah DU9 prior to 1986)
DU10 Maple Bay
DU11 Paldi
DU12 Kwa′mutsun (Quamichan DU12 prior to 1986)
DU13 Ts′alha′um (Sahtlam DU13 prior to 1986)
DU14 S′amuna′ (Somenos DU14 prior to 1986)
DU15 Lhumlhumuluts′
DU16 Xinupsum
DV Vancouver Downtown DV1C Coal Harbour
DV1D Dominion Place
DV1W Waterfront
DV2C Chinatown
DV2E Downtown Eastside
DV2S Strathcona
DV3D Northeast Downtown
DV3G Gastown
DV3H Harbour Centre
DV3I International Village
DV3V Victory Square
DV3Y Yaletown
DV4D Davie Village
DV4E Southeast West End
DV5E Northwest West End
DV5S Stanley Park
DV6 Bentall Centre
DV7 Pacific Centre
DV8 Southwest Downtown
E Endako E1 Endako Centre
E1E Endako East
E1W Endako West
EW2 Glenannan
EW2 Nithi River
EW3 Savory
ED Eddontenajon ED1 Eddontenajon
ED2 Eastman Creek
ED3 Kinaskan Lake
ED4 Tattoga
EL Elko EL1 Elko
EL2 Flathead
EL3 Kishinena Crossing
EL4 Tembec
EL5 Wolverine
EL6 Snowshoe Lake
EL7 Outlier Ridge
EW Ellsworth EW1 Ellsworth
F Fernie F1 Fernie Centre
F1N Fernie North
F2 Castle Mountain
F3 Cokato
F4 Hosmer
F5 Mountain View
F6 Olson
F7 Parkland Terrace
F8 Ridgemont
F9 Triwood
F10 West Fernie
FC Cariboo, Fraser Canyon and Western Okanagan FC1 Alexandria
FC2 Sxoxomic (Alkali FC2 prior to 1980)
FC3 Australian
FC4 Barkerville
FC5 Basque
FC6 Birken
FC7 Bralorne
FC8 Brexton
FC9 Bridge Lake
FC10 Buffalo Creek
FC11 Canim Lake
FC12 Castle Rock
FC13 Cornelle
FC14 Cottonwood
FC15 Nequatque (D'Arcy FC15 prior to 1977)
FC16 Deka Lake
FC17 Stswecem′c Xgat′tem (Dog Creek FC17 prior to 1980)
FC18 Dugan Lake
FC19 Eagle Creek
FC20 Enterprise
FC21 Forest Grove
FC22 Gates
FC23 Gold Bridge
FC24 Gramsons
FC25 Green Lake
FC26 Guessagain Lake
FC27 Hixon
FC28 Keefers
FC29 Kersley
FC30 Lac La Hache
FC31 Logan Lake
FC32 Lone Butte
FC33 Lower Nicola (discontinued; Lower Nicola NC17 since 1990)
FC34 Macalister
FC35 Mahard (discontinued; Mahard AC2M since 1984)
FC36 Mahood Falls
FC37 Mamette Lake
FC38 Marguerite
FC39 McLeese Lake
FC40 Miocene
FC41 Munro
FC42 Narcosli Creek
FC43 Nazko
FC44 Nikkei
FC45 Ogden
FC46 108 Mile Ranch
FC47 111 Mile House
FC48 150 Mile House
FC49 141 Mile House
FC50 127 Mile House
FC51 Tsk′waylacw (Pavilion FC51 prior to 1977)
FC52 Pinegrove
FC53 Savona
FC54 Semlin
FC55 Seton Portage
FC56 Soda Creek
FC57 Spatsum
FC58 Springhouse
FC59 St Joseph Mission
FC60 Stoner
FC61 70 Mile House
FC62 Tsal′álh (Shalalth FC61 prior to 1977)
FC63 Tsinkahtl
FC64 10 Downing Street
FC65 Tesla Lake
FC66 Walhachin
FC67 Wells
FC68 Wingdam
FC69 Woodpecker
FF Fort Fraser FF1 Fort Fraser
FF2 Beaumont
FF3 Engen
FF4 Lejac
FF5 Willowvale
FJ Fort St John FJ1C Fort St John Centre
FJ1E Fort St John East
FJ1N Fort St John North
FJ2 Aennofield
FJ3 Baldonnel
FJ4 Charlie Lake
FJ5 Clairmont
FJ6 Grand Haven
FJ7 Old Fort
FH Fairmont Hot Springs FH1 Fairmont Hot Springs
FH2 Rushmere
FK Falkland FK1 Falkland
FL Fort Langley FL1 Fort Langley
FL2 Barnston Island
FL3 Port Kells
FL4 Walnut Grove
FM Fort St James FM1 Fort St. James
FM2 Meadowview
FM3 Nak’albun
FM4 Nak’azdli
FM5 Osprey
FM6 Pitka Bay
FM7 Riverbank
FM8 Stuart Lodge
FN Fort Nelson FN1 Fort Nelson
FN2 RBCAF Fort Nelson
FN3 Fediw
FN4 Gordon
FN5 Kahntah
FN6 Muskwa
FN7 Peggo
FN8 Southridge
FN9 Helmet
FP Freepost FP1 Freepost (Business Reply Mail, non-geographic)
FS Fort Steele FS1 Fort Steele Centre
FS1N Fort Steele North
FS2 Rocky View
G Golden G1 Golden
G1W Golden West
G2 Blaeberry
G3 Donald
G4 Forde
G5 Glenogle
G6 Leanchoil
G7 Moberley
G8 Nicholson
G9 Palliser
G10 South Golden
GA Gitsegukla GA1 Gitsegukla Centre
GA1W Gitsegukla West
GA2 Skeena Crossing
GB Gibsons GB1 Gibsons
GF Grand Forks GF1 Grand Forks Centre
GF1E Grand Forks East
GF1W Grand Forks West
GF2 Almond Gardens
GF3 Carson
GF4 Cuprum
GF5 Gilpin
GF6 Granby
GF7 Hodges
GF8 Valley Heights
GF9 Westend
GG Gingolx GG1 Gingolx (Kincolith KC1 prior to 1988)
GG2 Ksi Gingolx
GG3 Laxgalts’ap
GL Ganiks Laxha GL1 Ganiks Laxha Centre (Terrace TE1 prior to 1988)
GL1E Ganiks Laxha East (Terrace TE2 prior to 1988)
GL1W Ganiks Laxha West (Terrace TE3 prior to 1988)
GL1S Ganiks Laxha South (Terrace TE4 prior to 1988)
GL2 Kitselas (Kitselas TE6 prior to 1988)
GL3 Klew Nu (Klew Nu TE7 prior to 1988)
GL4 Kulspai (Kulspai TE8 prior to 1988)
GL5 New Haven (New Haven TE9 prior to 1988)
GL6 New Remo (New Remo TE10 prior to 1988)
GL7 Nicholl (Nicholl TE11 prior to 1988)
GL8 Rosswood (Rosswood TE12 prior to 1988)
GL9 Thornhill (Thornhill TE5 prior to 1988)
GL10 Treston Lake (Treston Lake TE13 prior to 1988)
GL11 Uplands (Uplands TE14 prior to 1988)
GL12 Zimagord (Zimagord TE15 prior to 1988)
GL13 Kitsumkaylum (Kitsumkaylum KK1 prior to 1993)
GN Gulf Islands North GN1 Lasqueti Island
GN2B Blubber Bay, Texada Island
GN2F Butterfly Point, Texada Island
GN2G Gillies Bay, Texada Island
GN2V Vananda, Texada Island
GN3 Nelson Island
GN4 Hornby Island
GN5 Denman Island
GN6 Ahgykson Island
GN7 Savary Island
GS Gulf Islands South GS1 Sidney Island
GS2 James Island
GS3 Coal Island
GS4 Piers Island
GS5 Portland Island
GS6 South Pender Island
GS7B Bedwell Harbour, North Pender Island
GS7H Hope Bay, North Pender Island
GS7P Port Browning, North Pender Island
GS7T Otter Bay, North Pender Island
GS7W Port Washington, North Pender Island
GS8B Beaver Point, Salt Spring Island
GS8D Beddis Beach, Salt Spring Island
GS8F Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island
GS8G Ganges, Salt Spring Island
GS8L Long Harbour, Salt Spring Island
GS8M Musgrave Landing, Salt Spring Island
GS8R Mount Belcher, Salt Spring Island
GS8V Vesuvius, Salt Spring Island
GS8W Fernwood, Salt Spring Island
GS9 Saturna Island
GS10 Mayne Island
GS11N Galiano Island North
GS11S Galiano Island South
GS12 Penelakut Island (Kuper Island prior to 2010)
GS13 Thetis Island
GS14 Valdes Island
GS15B Bell's Landing, Gabriola Island
GS15G Gabriola, Gabriola Island
GS15M Magwala, Gabriola Island
GS15S Senewélets, Gabriola Island
GS15V Silva Bay, Gabriola Island
GS15Y Berry Point, Gabriola Island
GS16 Saysutshun (Newcastle Island prior to 1979)
GT Gitlaxt’aamiks GT1 Gitlaxt’aamiks (New Aiyansh AY2 prior to 1988)
GT2 Aiyansh (Aiyansh AY1 prior to 1988)
GT3 Aquila
GT4 Carlota
GT5 Kitladamas
GT6 Nass Camp
GT7 Sand Lake
GT8 Spencer
GT9 Vetter Falls
GV Greenville GV1 Greenville (discontinued; Laxqaltsʼap LX1 since 1988)
GW Gitwinksihlkw GW1 Gitwinksihlkw (Canyon City CY1 prior to 1988)
GW2 Nass Hot Springs
H Hagwilget H1 Hagwilget Centre
H2 Bulkley Canyon
H3 Carnaby
H4 Gitanmaax
H5 Hazelton
H6 New Hazelton
H7 South Hazelton
H8 Two Mile
HG Haida Gwaii HG1 Masset (Masset QC1 prior to 1977)
HG2 Aero (Aero QC2 prior to 1977)
HG3 Alliford Bay (Alliford Bay QC2 prior to 1977)
HG4 Gamadiis (Port Clements QC4 prior to 1977)
HG5 Queen Charlotte City (Queen Charlotte City QC5 prior to 1977)
HG6 Sandspit (Sandspit QC6 prior to 1977)
HG7 Skidegate (Skidegate QC7 prior to 1977)
HG8 Tasu (Tasu QC8 prior to 1977)
HG9 Tlell (Tlell QC9 prior to 1977)
HH Hudson's Hope HH1 Hudson's Hope
HH1W Hudson's Hope West
HH2 Attachie
HH3 Bear Flat
HH4 Lynx Creek
HL Harrison Lake HL1 Harrison Hot Springs
HL2 Bear Creek
HL3 Sts'Ailes (Chehalis HL3 prior to 1980)
HL4 Leq′a:mel (Deroche HL4 prior to 1979)
HL5 Dewdney
HL6 Skaulits (Harrison Mills HL6 prior to 1979)
HL7 Lake Errock
HL8 Port Douglas
HL9 Tipella
HP Hope HP1 Hope
HP1W Hope West
HP2 Choate
HP3 Dogwood Valley
HP4 Floods
HP5 Haig
HP6 Chawathil (Katz HP6 prior to 1979)
HP7 Lear
HP8 Nicolum River
HP9 Odlum
HP10 Othello
HP11 Silver Creek
HP12 Sunshine Valley
HP13 Squeah
HS Howe Sound Islands HS1 Anvil Island
HS2 Bowyer Island
HS3C Cha7élkwnech, Gambier Island
HS3E Ekins Point, Gambier Island
HS3G Gambier Harbour, Gambier Island
HS3N New Brighton, Gambier Island
HS4 Lhek’tínes (Keats Island prior to 1977)
HS5 Mi’tlmetle’lte (Passage Island prior to 1977)
HU Houston HU1 Houston
HU2 Barrett
HU3 North Bulkley
HU4 Perow
HU5 Pleasant Valley
HU6 Quick
HU7 Walcott
IA Səl̓ilw̓ət (Indian Arm) IA1 Alder Creek
IA2 Belvedere
IA3 Brighton Beach
IA4 Buntzen Bay
IA5 Coldwell Beach
IA6 Inlailawatash
IA7 Iron Bay
IA8 Johnson
IA9 Murray
IA10 North Woodlands
IA11 Sunshine
IA12 Thwaytes Landing
IA13 Twin Islands
IK Iskut IK1 Iskut
IK2 40 Mile Flats
IK3 Iskut Junction
IK4 Tappan River
IM Invermere IM1 Invermere Centre
IM1E Invermere East
IM1W Invermere West
IM2 Athalmer
IM3 Copper Point
IM4 Dorothy Lake
IM5 Goldie Creek
IM5 Kootenae House
IM6 Shasta
IM7 Shuswap
IM8 South Invermere
IM9 Wilmer
IN Vancouver Island North IN1 Browns Bay
IN2 Cluxewe
IN3 Coal Harbour
IN4 Elk Bay
IN5 Englewood
IN6 Eve River
IN7 Gold River
IN8 Hkusam
IN9 Holberg
IN10 Kelsey Bay
IN11 Kendrick Camp
IN12 Kokish
IN13 Kultah
IN14 Kyuquot
IN15 Mquqwin
IN16 Mukwilla
IN17 Newton Cove
IN18 Nimpkish
IN19 Nomash
IN20 Plumper Harbour
IN21 Queens Cove
IN22 San Josef Bay
IN23 Sara Lake
IN24 Sayward
IN25 Steel Creek
IN26 Stella Lake
IN27 Suquash
IN28 Telegraph Cove
IN29 Vernon Lake
IN30 Washlawis
IN31 Winter Harbour
IN32 Woss
IN33 Yuquot
IP Inside Passage IP1 Bella Bella
IP2 Denny Island
IP3 Txałgiu (Hartley Bay prior to 1977)
IP4 Kitkatla
IP5 Klemtu
IP6 Metlakatla (discontinued; Prince Rupert PR14 since 1997)
IP7 Namu
IP8 Ocean Falls
IP9 Oona River
IP10 Rivers Inlet
IP11 Shearwater
IP12 Waglisla
IS Vancouver Island South IS1 Ahousat
IS2 Athens
IS3 Bamberton
IS4 Bamfield
IS5 Black Creek (discontinued; Black Creek CR10B since 1993)
IS6 Bowser
IS7 Buckley Bay
IS8 Canoe Creek
IS9 Caycuse
IS10 Chuchummisapo
IS11 Crofton
IS12 Cameron Lake
IS13 China Creek
IS14 Cliffside
IS15 Cobble Hill
IS15Q Quli′lum
IS16 Culchillum
IS17 Darlington
IS18 Deep Bay
IS19 Ditidaht
IS20 Dunsmuir
IS21 Errington
IS22 Fanny Bay
IS23 Franklin
IS24 Grantham
IS25 Hawthorne
IS26 Hilliers
IS27 Honeymoon Bay
IS28 Jordan River
IS29 Quyxuletse′ (Kakalatza IS29 prior to 1986)
IS30 Kildonan
IS31 Lake Cowichan
IS31C Qw′umiyiqun (Comiaken IS31C prior to 1986)
IS32 Leechtown
IS33 Malahat
IS34 Merville
IS35 Mesachie Lake
IS36 Mill Bay
IS37 Mud Bay
IS38 Nadira Main
IS39 Nahmint
IS40 Port Renfrew
IS41 Rainy Bay
IS42 Rocky Point
IS43 San Juan
IS44 Saouk
IS45 Sarita
IS46 Shawnigan Lake
IS47 Shirley
IS48 Sutton Pass
IS49 Toquart Bay
IS50 Westholme
IS51 Whiskey Creek
IS52 Sechart Lodge
J Tete Jaune Cache J1 Tete Jaune Cache
J2 Jackman Flats
J3 Harvey
J4 Rearguard Falls
J5 Shere
K Kaslo K1 Kaslo
K2 Kaslo Bay
K3 Kaslo West
K4 Bougainville
K5 Mirror Lake
K6 South Kaslo
KA Kitwanga KA1 Kitwanga
KA2 Gitanyow
KA2 Minskinish
KA3 Woodcock
KB Kanaka Bar KB1 Kanaka Bar
KB2 Falls Creek
KB3 Siska
KC Kincolith KC1 Kincolith (discontinued; Gingolx GG1 since 1988)
KE Kemano KE1 Kemano
KE2 RBCAF Kemano
KE3 Kemano Beach
KE4 Tahla
KK Kitsumkaylum KK1 Kitsumkaylum (discontinued; Kitsumkaylum GL13 since 1993)
KL Kamloops KL1 Kamloops Centre
KL2 Aberdeen-Upper Sahali
KL3 Batchelor Hills-Oak Hills
KL4 Brocklehurst
KL5 Eastern Outskirts
KL6 Mission Flats-Mount Dufferin
KL7 North Shore
KL8N T′kemlúps North
KL8S T′kemlúps South
KL9 Tranquille
KL10 West End-Southgate-Lower Sahali
KL11 Haslett (Haslett OS28 prior to 1995)
KL12 Heffley Creek (Heffley Creek OS29 prior to 1995)
KL13 Monte Creek (Monte Creel OS43 prior to 1995)
KL13 Rayleigh (Rayleigh OS51 prior to 1995)
KL14 Vinsulla (Vinsulla OS65 prior to 1995)
KL14B Black Pines (Black Pines OS65B prior to 1995)
KL15 Afton (opened 1998)
KL16 Beresford (Beresford OS9 prior to 2002)
KL17 Bestwick (Bestwick OS9 prior to 2002)
KL18 Martin Prairie (Martin Prairie OS40 prior to 2002)
KL19 Pinantan (Pinantan OS47 prior to 2002)
KL19L Pinantan Lake (Pinantan Lake OS47L prior to 2002)
KM Keremeyus KM1 Keremeyus Centre
KM1W Keremeyus West
KM2 Alexis
KM3 Clifton Ranch
KM4 Red Bridge
KM5 St Laszlo
KN Kennedy KN1 Kennedy Centre
KN2 Kennedy Outskirts
KT Kitimat KT1 Kitimat Centre
KT1N Kitimat North
KT1W Kitimat West
KT2 Nechako
KT3 Haisla
KT4 Squirrel Point
KV Kettle Valley KV1 Kettle Valley
KV2 Baker Creek
KV3 Bergen
KV4 Boundary Falls
KV5 Bridesville
KV6 Dumont
KV7 Kerr Creek
KV8 Midway
KV9 Myncaster
KV10 Roberts
KV11 Rock Creek
KV12 Syackan
KV13 West Midway
KW Kelowna City KW1 Kelowna North Central
KW1S Kelowna South Central
KW2 Brighton
KW3 Chichester
KW4 Ellison
KW5 East Kelowna
KW6B Braeloch
KW6C Crawford
KW6O Okanagan Mission-North Mission
KW6S South Mission
KW7 McKinley
KW8 Rutland
KW9 Southeast Kelowna
KW10N Tsinstikeptum North
KW11S Tsinstikeptum South
KW12 Westbank-Gellatly-Glenrosa
KW13 Westside-Lakeview Heights
KY Kimberley KY1 Kimberley
KY2 Blarchmont
KY3 Chapman Camp
KY4 Forest Crowne
KY5 Marysville
KY6 Northstar
L Lumby L1 Lumby
L2 Blue Springs
L3 Cherryville
L4 Lavington
L5 Mabel Lake
L6 Shuswap Falls
L7 Trinity Valley
LG Lax Kw’alaams LG1 Lax Kw’alaams (Port Simpson PS1 prior to 1977)
LK Likely LK1 Likely
LK2 Hydraulic
LK3 Quesnel Forks
LK4 Big Lake Ranch (Big Lake Ranch CO2 prior to 1975)
LK5 Horsefly
LK6 Quesnel Lake
LK7 Keithley Creek (opened 1983)
LL Lillooet LL1 Lillooet
LL1S Lillooet South
LL2 Các’lep (Fountain LL2 prior to 1977)
LN Leyton LN1 Leyton
LN2 Wilder
LO Loos LO1 Loos
LO2 Brundall
LO3 Crescent Spur
LO4 Goat River
LO5 Urling
LP Langley Prairie LP1 Langley City
LP2 Langley North
LP3 Langley East
LP4 Langley Northwest
LP5 Langley Southwest
LR Lawrie Lake LR1 Lawrie Lake
LS Ladysmith LS1 Ladysmith
LS2 Ladysmith West
LS3 Stz′uminus
LW Lake Okanagan West LW1 Caesars
LW2 Ewing
LW3 Fintry
LW4 Killiney Beach
LW5 Nahun
LW6 Traders Cove
LW7 Wilson Landing
LX Laxqalts’ap LX1 Laxqalts’ap (Greenville GV1 prior to 1988)
LY Lytton LY1 Lytton
LY2 Gladwyn
LY3 Thompson
M Merritt M1 Merritt (discontinued, Merritt NC18 since 1990)
M2 Coutlee (discontinued, Coutlee NC16 since 1990)
M3 Middlesboro (discontinued, Middlesboro NC19 since 1990)
MB McBride MB1 McBride
MB2 Eddy
MB3 Lamming Mills
MK Mackenzie MK1 Mackenzie Centre
MK1N Mackenzie North
MK1S Mackenzie South
MK2 Coquawaldy
MK3 Gataiga Lake
MK4 Heather Dina
MK5 Mischinsinlika
MK6 Finlay (discontinued; Finlay BY26F since 1980)
MP Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows MP1 Pitt Meadows
MP2 Albion
MP3 Alvin
MP3 Cottonwood
MP4H Hammond
MP4P Port Hammond
MP5 Haney
MP6 Websters Corners
MP7 Yennadon
MS Mission MS1 Mission Centre
MS2 Cherry Hill-West Heights
MS3 Durieu
MS4 Hatzic
MS5 Miracle Valley
MS6 Pekw′Xe:yles
MS7R Ruskin
MS7S Silverdale
MS8 Stave Falls-Steelhead
MS9 Whonnock
MZ Meziadin MZ1 Meziadin Centre
MZ2 Meziadin North
MZ3 Meziadin South
N Northern British Columbia N1 Alice Arm
N2 Altona
N3 Arras (discontinued; Arras DC16 since 1984)
N4 Azouzetta
N5 Azuklotz
N6 Bear River
N7 Blueberry River
N8 Buckinghorse River
N9 Bugle Lake
N10 Buick
N11 Bulkley House
N12 Callista
N13 Captain Lake
N14 Cecil Lake
N15 Cheztainya Lake
N16 Chipma
N17 Clayhurst
N18 Coal River
N19 Doe River
N20 Doig River
N21 Eaglenest
N22 East Pine
N23 Ekwan Lake
N24 Evie Lake
N25 Farmington (discontinued; Farmington DC15F since 1978)
N26 Fellers Heights
N27 Foerster Lake
N28 Fontas
N29 Fort Babine
N30 Fort Grahame
N31 Gauthier Lake
N32 Goguka Creek
N33 Goodlow
N34 Grand Rapids
N35 Granduc
N36 Grayling River Hotsprings
N37 Groundbirch
N38 Gwillim Lake
N39 Hasler Flat
N40 Helen Lake
N41 Kitsault
N42 Klewaduska
N43 Klinkit
N44 Kluakaz
N45 Kluatanton
N46 Kobes
N47 Kotcho Lake
N47C Cabin
N48 Kotsine
N49 Lemoray
N50 Leo Creek
N51 Liard River
N52 Lower Post
N53 McDame
N54 Middle River
N55 Moberly Lake
N56 Montney
N57 Mosque
N58 Muncho Lake
N59 North Pine
N60 Ospika
N61 Pathway Lake
N62 Peejay
N63 Pineview
N64 Pink Mountain
N65 Prespatou
N66 Progress
N67 Prophet River
N68 Rolla
N69 Rose Prairie
N70 Shearer Dale
N71 Sikanni Chief
N72 Sin Lake
N73 Stewart
N74 Smith River
N75 Sunrise Valley
N76 Sunset Prairie
N77 Swan Lake
N78 Sweetwater (discontinued; Sweetwater DC15 since 1978)
N79 Swift River Crossing
N80 Tachie
N81 Taylor
N82 Terry Lake
N83 Thinahtea
N84 Tl′azt′en
N84B Busnatsidzih
N85 Toad River
N85H Toad River Hot Springs
N86 Tomslake
N87 Toozaza
N88 Tower Lake
N89 Trutch
N90 Tsebaitlohkeh
N91 Tupper
N92 Two Rivers
N93 Upper Halfway
N94 Valley View
N95 Willowbrook (discontinued; Willowbrook DC2W since 1980)
N96 Wonowon
N97 Valhalla
NA Nanaimo NA1C Nanaimo Central
NA1S Nanaimo South
NA1N Nanaimo North
NA1W Nanaimo Northwest
NA2 Wellington
NA3 Northfield
NA4 Departure Bay
NA5 Lantzville
NA6 Cedar
NA7 Colvilletown
NA8 South Wellington
NA9 Nanoose Bay
NA10 Cassidy
NA11 Extension
NA12 Dolphin Beach
NC Nicola Valley & Coquihalla NC1 Coquihalla
NC2 Brodie
NC3 Brookmere
NC4 Canford
NC5 Coldwater
NC6 Coyle
NC7 Glenwalker
NC8 Iago
NC9 Jessica
NC10 Juliet
NC11 Kingsvale
NC12 Pine
NC13 Portia
NC14 Thirteen Mile
NC15 Verona
NC16 Coutlee (Merritt M2 prior to 1990)
NC17 Lower Nicola (Lower Nicola FC33 prior to 1990)
NC18 Merritt (Merritt M1 prior to 1990)
NC18M Middlesboro (Middlesboro M3 prior to 1990)
NC19 Nicola (Nicola NI1 prior to 1990)
ND New Denver ND1 New Denver
ND3 Hills
ND2 Rosebery
NE Nelson NE1 Nelson Centre
NE1E Nelson East
NE1W Nelson West
NE2 Beasley
NE3 Fairview
NE4 Hall
NE5 Mountain Station
NE6 North Nelson
NE7 Taghum
NE8 Troup
NI Nicola NI1 Nicola (discontinued; Nicola NC20 since 1990)
NK Nakusp NK1 Nakusp
NK2 Brouse
NK3 Glenbank
NK4 Shelter Bay
NK5 Shoreholme
NK6 St Leon
NV North Vancouver City NV1N Northwest Central
NV1S South Central
NV1W Southwest Central
NV2 Southwest
NV3 Northwest
NV1x North Vancouver District NV10E East Central
NV10N North Central
NV11 Outer East
NV12 Inner East
NW New Westminster NW1 New Westminster Centre
NW2 Brunette
NW3C Connaught Heights
NW3K Kelvin
NW3W West End
NW4 Glenbrook
NW5 Queen's Park
NW6 Sapperton
NW7A Annacis Island
NW7Q Queensborough
NW8 Maillardville
NX Nexwlélexm NX1 Nexwlélexm (Bowen Island BW1 prior to 1977)
OB Southeast Okanagan and Boundary Country OB1 Adra
OB2 Anaconda
OB3 Archibald
OB4 Arlington Lake
OB5 Beaverdell
OB6 Billings
OB7 Carmi
OB8 Cascade
OB9 Christina Lake
OB10 Chute Lake
OB11 Coykendahl
OB12 Eholt
OB13 Farron
OB14 Fife
OB15 Garnet Valley
OB16 Glenfir
OB17 Greata
OB18 Greenwood
OB19 Kaleden
OB20 Lafferty
OB21 Lebanon Lake
OB22 Lois
OB23 Lorna
OB24 Marron Valley
OB25 McCulloch
OB26 Myra
OB27 Naramata
OB27O Naramata Outskirts
OB28 Niagara
OB29 Okanagan Falls
OB30 Paulson
OB31 Peachland
OB32 Rhone
OB33 Ruth
OB34 Shields
OB35 Taurus
OB36 Westbridge
OB37 Zamora
OH 100 Mile House OH1 100 Mile House Central
OH2 100 Mile House Outskirts
OH3 Exeter
OH4 Gateway
OH5 105 Mile House
OH6 93 Mile
OH7 Tatton
OH8 Tsq’escen’ (opened 2000)
OL Oliver OL1 Oliver
OL2 Fairview
OL3 Inkaneep
OL4 McIntyre
OS North Thompson, Shuswap and Northeast Okanagan OS1 Adams Lake
OS2 Albreda
OS3 Anglemont
OS4 Ashton Creek
OS5 Avola
OS6 Balmoral
OS7 Barriere
OS8 Beresford (Beresford KL16 since 2002)
OS9 Bestwick (Bestwick KL17 since 2002)
OS10 Blind Bay
OS11 Blucher Hall
OS12 Blue River
OS13 Bridge Lake
OS14 Brigade Lake
OS15 Carlin
OS16 Celista
OS17 Chinook Cove
OS18 Chu Chua
OS19 Darfield
OS20 Douglas Lake
OS21 Duck Range
OS22 Eagle Bay
OS23 Enderby
OS24 Exlou
OS25 Glenemma
OS26 Grandview Bench
OS27 Grindrod
OS28 Haslett (discontinued; Haslett KL11 since 1995)
OS29 Heffley Creek (discontinued; Heffley Creek KL12 since 1995)
OS30 Hullcar
OS31 Hupel Kingfisher
OS32 Knutsford
OS33 Lac Le Jeune
OS34 Lee Creek
OS35 Lempriere
OS36 Little Fort
OS37 Louis Creek
OS38 Magna Bay
OS39 Mara
OS40 Martin Prairie (Martin Prairie KL18 since 2002)
OS41 McLure
OS42 Mica Creek
OS43 Monte Creek (Monte Creek KL13 since 1995)
OS44 Monte Lake
OS45 Notch Hill
OS46 Paradise Point
OS47 Pinantan (Pinantan KL19 since 2002)
OS47L Pinantan Lake (Pinantan Lake KL19L since 2002)
OS48 Pritchard
OS49 Quilchena
OS50 Ranchero
OS51 Rayleigh (discontinued; Rayleigh KL13 since 1995)
OS52 Roe Lake
OS53 Scotch Creek
OS54 Sheridan Lake
OS55 Silver Creek
OS56 Squilax
OS57 St Ives
OS58 Stump Lake
OS59 Sun Peaks
OS60 Sunnybrae
OS61 Swansea Point
OS62 Tappen
OS63 Trapp Lake
OS64 Turtle Valley
OS65 Vinsulla (discontinued; Vinsulla KL14 since 1995)
OS65B Black Pines (discontinued; Black Pines KL14B since 1995)
OS66 Westwold
OS67 White Lake
OS68 Whitecroft
OS69 Woods Landing
OS70 Yankee Flats
OY Oyama OY1 Oyama
OY2 Cedar Grove
OY3 Crystal Waters
OY4 Kekuli Bay
OY5 Lake Country
OY6 Pixie Beach
P Penticton P1 Penticton Centre
P1E Penticton East
P1W Penticton West
P2 Kickininee
P3 Poplar Grove
P4 Skaha
PA Port Alberni PA1 Port Alberni
PA1A Alberni
PA1C Cameron Heights
PA1H Ahahswinis
PA1R Arrowview Heights
PA1S Sahara Heights
PA2 Arrowvale
PA3 Beaver Creek
PA4 Cherry Creek
PA5 Great Central
PA6 Kleecoot
PA7 McLean Mill
PA8 Seizai
PA9 South Alberni
PA10 Sproat Lake Landing
PA11 Tsahaheh
PB Pemberton PB1 Pemberton
PB2 Alta Lake (discontinued; Whistler W2 since 1976)
PB3 Mount Currie
PB4 Nairn Falls
PB5 Owl Creek
PB6 Pemberton Meadows
PC Pouce Coupe PC1 Pouce Coupe
PC2 Bissette
PC3 Carling
PC4 Tremblay
PC5 Gundy
PG Prince George PG1E Prince George East Central
PG1W Prince George West Central
PG1N Prince George North
PG2 Beaverley
PG3 Bonnet Hill
PG4 Buckhorn
PG5 Charella Garden
PG6 Foreman
PG7 Miworth
PG8 Pineview
PG9 Red Rock
PG10 Salmon Valley
PG11 Shelley
PG12 South Fort George
PG13 Tabor Lake
PG14 Vienna
PH Port Hardy PH1 Port Hardy
PH2 Bear Cove
PH3 Fort Rupert
PH4 Kippase
PH5 Tsulquate
PH6 Walden
PL Port Alice PL1 Port Alice
PL2 Jeune Landing
PM Port Moody PM1 Port Moody
PM2 Anmore
PM3 Barnet
PM4 Belcarra
PM5 Cassin
PM6 Chineside
PM7 Harbour Chines
PM8 Ioco
PM9 Pleasantside
PM10 Woodhaven
PN Port McNeill PN1 Port McNeill
PN2 Alder Bay
PN3 Ches-La-Kee
PN4 Hyde Creek
PN5 Klickseewy
PO Porter Landing PO1 Porter Landing
PO2 Hunters Lake
PO3 Irwin
PO4 Laketon Landing
PO5 One Mile Point
PO6 Portage Lake
PO7 Sawmill Point
PR Prince Rupert PR1 Prince Rupert Central
PR1E Prince Rupert East
PR1S Prince Rupert South
PR2 HMBCS Rainbow
PR3 Cassiar Cannery
PR4 Dashken
PR5A Airport
PR5D Dodge Cove
PR5S Digby Island South
PR5V Du Vernet
PR6 Kshaoom
PR7 North Pacific
PR8 Osland
PR9 Pineridge
PR10 Port Edward
PR11 Seal Cove
PR12 Shoowahtlans
PR13 Tuck Inlet
PR14 Metlakatla (Metlakatla IP6 prior to 1997)
PT Princeton PT1 Princeton Central
PT1E Princeton East
PT1W Princeton West
PT2 Allenby
PT3 Parr
PQ Port Coquitlam PQ1 Port Coquitlam Central
PQ2 Birchland Manor
PQ3 Burke Mountain
PQ4 Lincoln Park
PQ5 Mary Hill
PQ6 Mayfair
PQ7 Minnekhada
PQ8 Oxford Heights
PQ9 River Springs
PS Port Simpson PS1 Port Simpson (discontinued; Lax Kw’alaams LG1 since 1977)
PV Parksville PV1 Parksville
PV2 Craig Bay
PV3 Errington
PV4 French Creek
PV5 Rathtrevor
PV6 Surfside
PV7 Wembley
Q Quesnel Q1 Quesnel Centre
Q1E Quesnel East
Q2 Barlow Creek
Q3 Bouchie Lake
Q4 Dragon
Q5 Moose Heights
Q6 Quesnel View
Q7 Rich Bar
Q8 Ten Mile Lake
QB Qualicum Beach QB1 Qualicum Beach
QB2 Coombs
QB3 Dashwood
QC Queen Charlotte Islands QC1 Masset (discontinued; Masset HG1 since 1977)
QC2 Aero (discontinued; Aero HG2 since 1977)
QC3 Alliford Bay (discontinued; Alliford Bay HG3 since 1977)
QC4 Port Clements (discontinued; Gamadiis HG4 since 1977)
QC5 Queen Charlotte City (discontinued; Queen Charlotte City HG5 since 1977)
QC6 Sandspit (discontinued; Sandspit HG6 since 1977)
QC7 Skidegate (discontinued; Skidegate HG7 since 1977)
QC8 Tasu (discontinued; Tasu HG8 since 1977)
QC9 Tlell (discontinued; Tlell HG9 since 1977)
QT Quatsino QT1 Quatsino
QT3 Drake Island
QT4 Kagoagh
QT5 Leeson Point
QT6 Quattishe
R Richmond R1 Richmond Central
R1E Richmond Northeast
R1N Richmond Northwest
R1S Richmond Southwest
R1W Richmond Southeast
R2 Sea Island
R2S sqʷsaθən
R3 Steveston
R4 Bridgeport
RH Radium Hot Springs RH1 Radium Hot Springs
RH2 Revelstoke
RL Rossland RL1 Rossland
RL2 Paterson
RP Red Pass RP1 Red Pass
RP2 Yexyexéscen (Mount Robson to 1989)
RP3 Kettle Lakes
S Surrey S1 Surrey Southwest
S2 Surrey Northeast
S3 Surrey South
S4 Surrey North
S5 Surrey Upper East
S6 Surrey Inner Northwest
S7 Surrey Outer Northwest
S8 Surrey Upper West
S9 Surrey Lower West
S10 Surrey Lower East
SA Salmon Arm SA1 Salmon Arm Centre
SA2 Canoe
SA3 Gleneden
SA4 South Canoe
SB Spences Bridge SB1 Spences Bridge
SB2 Drynoch
SC Sunshine Coast SC1 Sechelt
SC2 Earls Cove
SC3 Egmont
SC4 Garden Bay
SC5 Xwilkway (Halfmoon Bay prior to 1977)
SC6 Langdale
SC7 Madeira Park
SC8 Pender Harbour
SC9 Port Mellon
SC10 Roberts Creek
SD Summerland SD1 Summerland
SD2 Crescent Beach
SD3 Prairie Valley
SD4 West Summerland
SD5 Winslow
SE Sooke SE1 Sooke
SE2 East Sooke
SE3 Milne's Landing
SE4 Saseenos
SI Sinclair Mills SI1 Sinclair Mills
SI2 Hansard
SI3 Hutton
SI4 McGregor
SK Similkameen SK1 Similkameen
SK2 Allison Lake
SK3 Aspen Grove
SK4 Bankeir
SK5 Bradshaw
SK6 Bromley
SK7 Caerdydd
SK8 Cawston
SK9 Cayuse Flats
SK10 Coalmont
SK11 Copper Mountain
SK12 Cory
SK13 Crump
SK14 Delmar
SK15 Demuth
SK16 East Ladner
SK17 Eastgate
SK18 Erris
SK19 Faulder
SK20 Hedley
SK21 Jellicoe
SK22 Jura
SK23 Manning Park
SK24 Myren
SK25 Norman
SK26 North Chopaka
SK27 Olalla
SK28 Osprey Lake
SK29 Shingle Creek
SK30 Thalia
SK31 Thirsk
SK32 Tulameen
SL Slluqan Valley SL1 Slocan City
SL2 Appledale
SL3 Lebahdo
SL4 Lemon Creek
SL5 Passmore
SL6 Perrys
SL7 Slocan Park
SL8 Vallican
SL9 Winlaw
SM Sicamous SM1 Sicamous
SM2 Annis
SM3 Cambie
SM4 Craigellachie
SM5 Malakwa
SM6 Solsqua
SN Saanich SN1 Saanich Central
SN2 Saanich East
SN3 Saanich Southeast
SN4 Saanich Northwest
SN5 South Saanich
SN6 Saanich Northeast
SN7 Saanich Middle
SN8 Sidney-North Saanich
SO Salmo SO1 Salmo
SO1S Salmo South
SO1W Salmo West
SO2 Boulder Mill
SO3 Emerald
SO4 Erie
SO5 Meadows
SQ Squamish SQ1 Squamish
SQ1W Woodfibre
SQ2 Brackendale
SQ3 Garibaldi Highlands
SR Sorrento SR1 Sorrento
SS Sea-to-Sky Country SS1 Brem River
SS2 Britannia Beach
SS3 Brunswick Beach
SS4 Camp Cordero
SS5 Dawsons Landing
SS6 Furry Creek
SS7 Heydon Bay
SS8 Jackson Bay
SS9 Gwayis (Kingcome SS9 prior to 1985)
SS10 Matilpi
SS11 Minaty Bay
SS12 Phillips Arm
SS13 Porteau
SS14 Roy
ST Smithers ST1 Smithers East
ST1W Smithers West
ST2 Doughty
ST3 Driftwood Creek
ST4 Evelyn
ST5 Glentanna
ST6 Lake Kathlyn
ST7 Round Lake
ST8 Tatlow
ST9 Telkwa
ST10 Woodmere
SU Summit Lake SU1 Summit Lake
SU2 Crystal Lake
SU3 Echo Lake
SU4 Pas Mill
SU5 Tallus
SV Strathnaver SV1 Strathnaver
SV2 Cinema
SV3 Dunkley
SV4 Triple J Ranch
SW Sparwood SW1 Sparwood
SW2 Crowsnest
SW3 Elk Prairie
SW4 Elkford
SW5 Elkview
SW6 Fabro
SW7 Harmer
SW8 Line Creek
SW9 Michel
SW10 Natal
SW11 Wardrop
SW12 Corbin Mine
SW13 Fording
SY Sooyoos SY1 Sooyoos Centre
SY1W Sooyoos West
SY2 Ellis
SY3 Haynes
T Trail T1 Trail Centre
T1E East Trail
T1W West Trail
T2 Birchbank
T3 Glenmerry
T4 Miral Heights
T5 Oasis
T6 Rivervale
T7 Shavers Bench
T8 Sunningdale
T9E Warfield East
T9W Warfield West
T10 Columbia Gardens (Columbia Gardens WK11 prior to 1994)
T11 Fort Sheppard (Fort Sheppard WK20 prior to 1994)
T12 Montrose (Montrose WK33 prior to 1994)
T13 Quirk (Quirk WK42 prior to 1994)
T14 Waneta (Waneta WK56 prior to 1994)
TC Tatshenshini–Chilkoot TC1 Bennett
TC1D Deep Lake
TC1L Lindeman
TC2 Bear Camp
TC3 Fraser
TC4 Maud Lake
TC5 Mule Creek
TC6 Pennington
TC7 Pleasant Camp
TC8 Tagish Lake
TC9 Tatshenshini-Alsek
TC10 White Pass
TE Terrace TE1 Terrace Centre (discontinued; Ganiks Laxha Centre GL1 since 1988)
TE2 Terrace East (discontinued; Ganiks Laxha East GL1E since 1988)
TE3 Terrace West (discontinued; Ganiks Laxha West GL1W since 1988)
TE4 Terrace South (discontinued; Ganiks Laxha South GL1S since 1988)
TE5 Thornhill (discontinued; Thornhill GL9 since 1988)
TE6 Kitselas (discontinued; Kitselas GL2 since 1988)
TE7 Klew Nu (discontinued; Klew Nu GL3 since 1988)
TE8 Kulspai (discontinued; Kulspai GL4 since 1988)
TE9 New Haven (discontinued; New Haven GL5 since 1988)
TE10 New Remo (discontinued; New Remo GL6 since 1988)
TE11 Nicholl (discontinued; Nicholl GL7 since 1988)
TE12 Rosswood (discontinued; Rosswood GL8 since 1988)
TE13 Treston Lake (discontinued; Treston Lake GL10 since 1988)
TE14 Uplands (discontinued; Uplands GL11 since 1988)
TE15 Zimagord (discontinued; Zimagord GL12 since 1988)
TF Tofino-Long Beach TF1 Tofino
TF2 Cox Bay
TF3 Esowista
TF4 Kakawis
TF5 Long Beach
TF6 Radar Hill
TF7 Tin Wis
TG Telegraph Creek TG1 Telegraph Creek
TG2 Glenora
TH Tahsis TH1 Tahsis
TH1H Tahsis Harbour
TH2 Ceepeecee
TH3 Esperanza
TH4 Hecate
TH5 Westview
TL Takla Landing TL1 Takla Landing
TL2 Fort Tsayta
TL3 Takla Narrows
TQ Tisquit TQ1 Tisquit
TQ2 Lund
TQ3 Saltery Bay
TR Tumbler Ridge TR1 Tumbler Ridge
TU Tuonela TU1 Tuonela
U Ulh’katcho U1 Uhlk'atcho
UC Upper Columbia UC1 Akokli Cove
UC2 Aldridge
UC3 Baynes Lake
UC4 Beavermouth
UC5 Bedlington
UC6 Blake
UC7 Boswell
UC8 Brisco
UC9 Braunagel
UC10 Bull River
UC11 Caithness
UC12 Canal Flats
UC13 Canyon
UC14 Columbia Lake
UC15 Continental Divide
UC16 Colvalli
UC17 Copper Creek
UC18 Crawford Bay
UC19 Curzon
UC20 Doyle
UC21 Drewry
UC22 Edgewater
UC23 Fenwick
UC24 Field
UC25 Findlay Creek
UC26 Galloway
UC27 Glacier
UC28 Glenlily
UC29 Goatfell
UC30 Grasmere
UC31 Gray Creek
UC32 Griffith
UC33 Harrogate
UC34 Jaffray
UC35 Jerome
UC36 Kicking Horse
UC37 Kinert
UC38 Kingsgate
UC39 Kitchener
UC40 Kootenay Bay
UC41 Kragmont
UC42 Kuskonook
UC43 Limerick
UC44 Lockhart Beach
UC45 Majestic
UC46 Mayook
UC47 McDonald
UC48 Meachen
UC49 Midge Creek
UC50 Morrissey
UC51 Moyie
UC51E Eaglesnest
UC52 Nasookin
UC53 Newgate
UC54 Numa Creek
UC55 Panorama
UC56 Parson
UC56C Castledale
UC57 Porto Rico
UC58 Premier Lake
UC59 Rampart
UC60 Redgrave
UC61 Riley
UC62 Riondel
UC63 Rogers
UC63P Rogers Pass
UC64 Round Prairie
UC65 Ryan
UC66 Sanca
UC67 Sirdar
UC68 Spillimacheen
UC69 Skookumchuck
UC70 Swansea
UC71 Ta Ta Creek
UC72 Tochty
UC73 Tokay
UC74 Trout Lake
UC75 Tye
UC76 Vermilion Crossing
UC77 Waldo
UC78 Walkers
UC79 Wardner
UC80 Wasa
UL Ucluelet UL1 Ucluelet
UL1A Amphitrite
UL2 Combers Beach
UL3 Cygnet Cove
UL4 East Smith Creek
UL5 Ittatsoo
UL6 Fletchers Cove
UL7 Port Albion
UL8 Stuart Bay
UM Utari Mosir UM1 Iturup (Kuril Islands Trust Territory XKT1 prior to 1980)
UM2 Kunashir (Kuril Islands Trust Territory XKT2 prior to 1980)
UM3 Shikotan (Kuril Islands Trust Territory XKT3 prior to 1980)
UM4 Urup (Kuril Islands Trust Territory XKT3 prior to 1980)
UV Upper Fraser Valley UV1 Xwchíyò:m (Cheam UV1 prior to 1979)
UV2 Bridal Falls
UV3 Laidlaw
UV4 Popkum
UV5 Skawahlook (Ruby Creek UV5 prior to 1979)
V Victoria V1C Chinatown
V1D Victoria Downtown
V1W Victoria West
V2 Esquimalt
V3E East Highlands
V3W West Highlands
V4N North Langford
V4S South Langford
V5 View Royal
V6 Colwood
V7 Metchosin
V8N North Oak Bay
V8S South Oak Bay
V9N North Fernwood
V9S South Fernwood
V10N North Jubilee
V10S South Jubilee
V11E East Oaklands
V11W West Oaklands
V12E East Fairfield
V12W West Fairfield
V13 Gonzales
V14 Rockland
V15 Southeast Burnside
V16 Hillside-Quadra
V17 North Park
V18 Rock Bay
V19 Cook Street Village
V20 Harris Green
V21 Humboldt Valley
V22 James Bay
V23 Patricia Bay
VD Vandyke VD1 Vandyke
VE Vernon VE1 Vernon Central
VE1E Vernon East
VE1N Vernon North
VE2 Beachcomber Bay
VE3 Coldstream
VE4 Coldstream Ranch
VE5 Kalamalka
VE6 Kedleston
VE7 Middleton
VE8 South Vernon
VE9 Swan Lake
VH Vanderhoof VH1 Vanderhoof Centre
VH1E Vanderhoof East
VH1W Vanderhoof West
VH2 Braeside
VH3 Hulatt
VH4 Mapes
VH5 Nulki
VH6 Prairiedale
VH7 Sinkut River
VH8 Stuart
VH9 Weneez
VM Valemount VM1 Valemount
VM1N Valemount North
VM1S Valemount South
VM2 Cedarside
VM3 Stonehaven
VM4 Cougar Mountain
VM5 McLennan
VM6 Camp Blackman
VM7 Kinbasket Landing
VV Vavenby VV1 Vavenby
VV2 McCorrie
W Whistler W1 Whistler (created 1976)
W2 Alta Lake (Alta Lake PB2 prior to 1976)
W3 Rutherford Creek
W4 Sproatt
WF Winfield WF1 Winfield
WK West Kootenay WK1 American Point
WK2 Argenta
WK3 Armstrong Lake
WK4 Arrow Park
WK5 Balfour
WK6 Beaton
WK7 Birchdale
WK8 Bonnington Falls
WK9 Bosworth
WK10 Burton
WK11 Columbia Gardens (discontinued; Columbia Gardens T10 since 1994)
WK12 Cooper Creek
WK13 Corra Lynn
WK14 Crescent Bay
WK15 Crescent Valley
WK16 Deer Park
WK17 East Arrow Park
WK18 Edgewood
WK19 Fauquier
WK19N Needles
WK20 Fort Sheppard (discontinued; Fort Sheppard T11 since 1994)
WK21 Fruitvale
WK22 Fry Creek
WK23 Gerrard
WK24 Glade
WK25 Gold Hill
WK26 Harrop
WK27 Howser
WK28 Krestova
WK29 Lancaster
WK30 Lardo
WK31 Marblehead
WK32 Meadow Creek
WK33 Montrose (discontinued; Montrose T12 since 1994)
WK34 Nelway
WK35 New Settlement
WK36 Nickawa
WK37 Park Siding
WK38 Pass Creek
WK39 Poplar Creek
WK40 Procter
WK41 Queens Bay
WK42 Quirk (discontinued; Quirk T13 since 1994)
WK43 Renata
WK44 Ross Spur
WK45 Schroeder Creek
WK46 Shoreacres
WK47 Shutty Bench
WK48 Silverton
WK49 South Slocan
WK50 Stagleap
WK51 Staubert Lake
WK52 Sunshine Bay
WK53 Talbot
WK54 Tarrys
WK55 Trout Lake City
WK56 Waneta (discontinued; Waneta T14 since 1994)
WK57 Willow Point
WK58 Ymir
WL Williams Lake WL1 Williams Lake North
WL1S Williams Lake South
WL2 Commodore Heights
WL3 Dog Creek
WL4 Esler
WL5 Glendale
WL6 Pine Valley
WL7 South Lakeside
WL8 Sugarcane
WM Windermere WM1 Windermere
WM2 Akisqnuk (Akiskinook WM2 prior to 1982)
WM3 Terravista
WR White Rock WR1 White Rock
WR2 Crescent Beach
WT Witset WT1 Witset
WT2 Beament
WT3 Seaton
WV West Vancouver WV1 West Vancouver Centre
WV2 British Properties
WV3 Caulfeild
WV4 Charles Creek
WV4 Dundarave
WV6 Horseshoe Bay
WV7 Lions Bay
WV8 West Bay
WW Tsawwassen WW1 Tsawwassen
WY Wakely WK1 Wakely
WK2 Anzac
WK3 Tacheeda Lakes
XKT Kuril Islands Trust Territory XKT1 Iturup (discontinued; Utari Mosir UM1 since 1980)
XKT2 Kunashir (discontinued; Utari Mosir UM2 since 1980)
XKT3 Shikotan (discontinued; Utari Mosir UM3 since 1980)
XKT4 Urup (discontinued; Utari Mosir UM4 since 1980)
Y Yahk Y1 Yahk
Y2 Zayta
YB Youbou YB1 Youbou
YB2 Kissinger
YB3 Maple Grove
YB4 Northshore
YB5 Pine Point
YB6 Spring Beach
YL Yale YL1 Yale
YL2 Saddle Rock
YL3 Spuzzum
Z Zeballos Z1 Zeballos
Z2 Ehatis
Z3 Keno
Z4 Little Zeballos
Z5 Resolution