Olympic Line

From Dominion of British Columbia

The Olympic Line is one of the six lines of the Greater Vancouver Metro operated by the BC Hydro Railway on behalf of the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority.

The Olympic Line connects to the Fraser River Line at UBC Centre Station, to the Expo Line at Broadway-Bessborough Station, to the Central Line at Commercial-Broadway Station, and to the Evergreen Line at Lougheed Town Centre Station.


The Olympic Line was opened at the same time as the Evergreen Line in September 2009 as part of the run-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver.


From UBC Centre Station to Milepost 7.3 just west of Fraser-Great Northern Station the line runs underground. From there, it moves onto an elevated guideway at Milepost 7.9, on which it continues until the terminus at Lougheed Town Centre Station.

Olympic Line
Stop name Distance
GVTA rail connections Bus connections Other connections Nearby places of note
UBC Centre 0.0 GVM Fraser River Line 4 Powell
9 Boundary
14 Hastings
25 Brentwood Stn
33 Slocan-29th Avenue Stn
41 Joyce-Collingwood Stn
49 Metrotown Stn
68 Wesbrook Village
84 VCC-Clark Stn
99 Commercial-Broadway Stn
O17 Downtown Owl
UBC Aquatic Centre
UBC Student Union Building
War Memorial Gymnasium
Queensland Road 1.5 4 Powell/UBC
14 Hastings/UBC
84 UBC/VCC-Clark Stn
BC Golf Museum
University Golf Club
Jericho 2.5 4 Powell/UBC
42 Spanish Banks/Trafalgar Stn
BC Army Jericho Garrison
Jericho Park (Georgian RFC)
West Point Grey Academy
Blenheim 3.4 4 Powell/UBC McBride Park
Trafalgar 4.0 2 Macdonald/Downtown
42 Spanish Banks
O22 Macdonald/Knight Owl
Connaught Park (Meraloma AC)
Kitsilano Community Centre
Kitsilano Secondary School
Broadway-Bessborough 4.6 GVM Expo Line 9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
99 UBC/Commercial-Broadway Stn
O17 Downtown/UBC Owl
Bessborough Armoury
Connaught Park (Meraloma AC)
Lord Tennyson Elementary School
Granville 5.2 9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
10 Granville/Downtown
99 UBC/Commercial-Broadway Stn
O10 Downtown/Richmond Owl
O17 Downtown/UBC Owl
VPL Firehall Branch
Oak-VGH 5.8 9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
17 Oak/Downtown
99 UBC/Commercial-Broadway Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
BC Cancer Agency
Vancouver General Hospital
City Hall 6.4 15 Cambie Stn/Vancouver City Centre
17 Oak/Downtown
O15 Downtown/Cambie Stn Owl
City Square Shopping Centre
Manzo Nagano Garden
Vancouver City Hall
Kingsway 7.0 3 Main/Downtown
8 Fraser/Downtown
9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
19 Metrotown Stn/Stanley Park
99 UBC/Commercial-Broadway Stn
O8 Downtown/Fraser Owl
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
St Patrick Regional Secondary School
Great Northern 7.5 84 UBC/VCC-Clark Stn Emily Carr University of Art and Design
St Francis Xavier Elementary School
VCC-Clark 8.1 22 Knight/Downtown
84 UBC/VCC-Clark Stn
China Creek Park
Commercial-Broadway 8.6 GVM Central Line 9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
20 Victoria/Downtown
99 UBC
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
O20 Downtown/Victoria Owl
Rio Theatre
VanTech-Renfrew 9.6 9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
16 Slocan-29th Avenue Stn/Broadway-Bessborough Stn
27 Kootenay Loop/Joyce-Collingwood Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Italian Cultural Centre
Technical Safety BC
Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Rupert-Grandview 10.3 9 Boundary/Alma/UBC
27 Kootenay Loop/Joyce-Collingwood Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Thunderbird Elementary School
Gilmore 11.3 28 Phibbs Exchange/Joyce-Collingwood St
120 Vancouver City Centre/Queensborough
129 Holdom Stn/Metrotown Stn
131 Gilmore Stn/Kootenay Loop
132 Capitol Hill/Gilmore Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Brentwood 11.9 25 UBC
123 New Westminster Stn
130 Kootenay Loop/Metrotown Stn
134 Lake City Stn
136 Lougheed Town Centre
137 Capitol Hill
222 Metrotown Stn/Phibbs Exchange
Brentwood Town Centre
Holdom 12.8 129 Metrotown Stn
133 Middlegate Stn
136 Lougheed Town Centre/Brentwood Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Burnaby Lake-Sperling 13.7 110 Lougheed Town Centre/Metrotown Stn
134 Lake City Stn/Brentwood Stn
144 SFU/Metrotown Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Bill Copeland Sports Centre (Burnaby Thunderbirds)
Burnaby Lake
Burnaby Lake Sports Complex (Burnaby Lake RFC)
Sperling Elementary School
Lake City Way 14.9 134 Brentwood Stn
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Charles Rummel Centre
Charles Rummel Park
Seaforth Elementary School
Gaglardi Way 15.8 110 Lougheed Town Centre/Metrotown Stn
136 Lougheed Town Centre/Brentwood Stn
145 SFU
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
National Archives of British Columbia
Lougheed Town Centre 16.9 GVM Evergreen Line 101 Connaught Heights Station
109 New Westminster Stn
110 Metrotown Station
136 Brentwood Stn
152 Coquitlam Central Stn
156 Sapperton-Royal Columbian Stn
157 Burquitlam Station
180 Port Moody Stn
555 Carvolth Exchange
O9 Downtown/Coquitlam Central Stn Owl
Cameron Elementary School
Cameron Recreation Complex
Lougheed Centre Mall
St Stephen The Martyr Anglican Church
The Vancouver Golf Club