New Zealand

From Dominion of British Columbia
Realm of New Zealand
Rangatiratanga o Aotearoa
Coat of Arms
Motto Virtute et constantia(Latin)
"Strength and persistence"
Anthem "God Defend New Zealand" (English)
"Aotearoa" (Maori)
Royal Anthem "God Save the King"
Capital Wellington
Largest city Auckland
Official languages English, Maori
Government Unitary parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
Monarch Charles III
Governor General Cindy Kiro
Prime Minister Amy Adams
Legislature Parliament
Upper House Legislative Council
Lower House House of Representatives
Independence from the United Kingdom
Treaty of Waitangi 6 February 1840
Constitution Act 1852 30 June 1852
Dominion proclaimed 26 September 1907
Statute of Westminster
25 November 1947
Constitution Act 1986 13 December 1986
Area 103,935 sq mi (79th)
(incl. associated states and dependencies)
Population 5,146,842 (2020 census)
Currency New Zealand Dollar ($) (NZD)
Aircraft reg. prefix ZK-, ZL-, ZM-
Driving side left
Calling code +64
Internet TLD .nz

New Zealand, officially the Realm of New Zealand (Māori: Rangatiratanga o Aotearoa), is a sovereign island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is considered part of Oceania.

New Zealand proper is a separate sovereign entity within the Realm of New Zealand; the Realm also includes the self-governing Associated States of the Cook Islands and Niue, and the Dependent Territory of Tokelau. New Zealand is responsible for the foreign affairs and defence of the two Associated States

New Zealand is one of the eighteen British Commonwealth Realms and thus a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is also a member of the United Nations and the Asia-Pacific Treaty Organisation.


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