Liverpool Line

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The Liverpool Line is an electrified 3.2 mile railway line of the British Columbia Hydro Railway running from New Westminster to Brownsville, connecting with the Queensborough Line and BC Rail's Lulu Island Line at New Westminster, with the Fraser Valley Line and BC Rail's Inter-Dominion Line at Liverpool, and with the Washington & British Columbia Railway's Semiahmoo Line and New Westminster Southern Line at Brownsville.

The Liverpool Line is part of BC Hydro Railway's Westminster Division.


The British Columbia Electric Railway, the immediate predecessor of the BC Hydro Railway, opened the Fraser Valley Line from New Westminster to Chilliwack in 1910 for both interurban and freight operations, using the Fraser River Bridge opened by the Dominion government in 1904. Initially electrified at 1500V DC, it was converted to the present 25kV 60Hz system in 1933. The New Westminster–Liverpool section and the connection from Liverpool to the W&BC in Brownsville were merged as the Liverpool Line in 1959.


The BCH plays an important role in moving traffic between the various railways of the Lower Mainland, providing a bridge service between the Canadian Pacific Railway and BC Rail on the north side of the Fraser River with the W&BC on the south.

There is no passenger service on the Liverpool Line. The connection to BC Rail's Inter-Dominion Line is not generally used for commercial traffic; rather, it is used to move Hydro's passenger trainsets to the Vancouver Locomotive Works adjacent to BC Rail's Liverpool Station for maintenance - commercial traffic between Hydro and BC Rail moves via the Eagles Reach Branch of the Fraser Valley Line.


A yellow background indicates that that section of line is electrified.

Liverpool Line
Station Milepost
Connecting lines Notes
New Westminster BCR 0.0 Queensborough Line
Lulu Island Line (BCR)
Liverpool 2.3 Fraser Valley Line
Inter-Dominion Line (BCR)
Brownsville 3.2 New Westminster Southern Line (W&BC)
Semiahmoo Line (W&BC)