Helijet Airways

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Helijet Airways
Headquarters 5911 Airport Road South
Richmond R2 1MG
IATA code JB
Call sign HELIJET
Hubs Seal Cove Heliport, Prince Rupert
Vancouver Harbour Heliport, Vancouver
Services Scheduled domestic, continental, air taxi, charter

Helijet Airways is a commercial airline in British Columbia offering scheduled domestic and continental services as well as air taxi and charter flights, primarily using helicopters.

Helijet Airways serves twelve destinations (eleven domestic, one continental) in two countries.


Helijet Airways was established in 1986, beginning operations in November of that year between Vancouver and Victoria with a single Yarrows Yoho helicopter. It has since expanded to a fleet of fifteen aircraft serving twelve destinations.





Entries with a green background indicates a destination in British Columbia.

Airport Service area Destination Aircraft Notes
Kitkatla (XKK) Domestic Prince Rupert–Seal Cove (XHR) S-76
Langley (XLN) Domestic Victoria Inner Harbour (XWH) S-76
Continental Seattle–Boeing Field (BFI) Yarksis
Masset (XMT) Domestic Prince Rupert–Seal Cove (XHR) S-76
Nanaimo Harbour Heliport (XHN) Domestic Vancouver Harbour Heliport (XHV) S-76
Prince Rupert–Seal Cove (XHR) Domestic Kitkatla (XKK) S-76
Masset (XMT) S-76
Queen Charlotte City (XQC) S-76
Sandspit (XZP) S-76
Queen Charlotte City (XQC) Domestic Prince Rupert–Seal Cove (XHR) S-76
Sandspit (XZP) Domestic Prince Rupert–Seal Cove (XHR) S-76
Seattle (Boeing Field), Washington, USA (BFI) Continental Langley (XLN) Yarksis
Vancouver (XVR) Domestic Victoria Inner Harbour (XWH) Yarksis
Vancouver Harbour Heliport (XHV) Domestic Nanaimo Harbour Heliport (XHN) S-76
Victoria Inner Harbour (XWH) S-76
Whistler (XWM) S-76
Victoria Inner Harbour (XWH) Domestic Langley (XLN) S-76
Vancouver (XVR) Yarksis
Vancouver Harbour Heliport (XHV) S-76
Whistler (XWM) Domestic Vancouver Harbour Heliport (XHV) S-76