From Dominion of British Columbia

Okook pej kopa Chinook Wawa: Kabinet

The Cabinet of British Columbia is a body of ministers of the Crown that, together with the British Columbian monarch, forms the government of BC. Chaired by the Prime Minister, the Cabinet is a committee of the Queen's Privy Council for British Columbia and is the senior echelon of the Ministry, the membership of the Cabinet and Ministry often being co-terminal. The terms cabinet and ministry are sometimes used interchangeably, though this is a subtle inaccuracy that can spark confusion.

The following is a list of the positions in Cabinet, listed in order of the BC Order of Precedence:

  • Prime Minister
  • President of the Queen's Privy Council for BC
  • Minister of Home Affairs
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Commonwealth and Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Defence
  • President of the Board of Trade
  • Minister of Justice
  • Attorney General for British Columbia
  • Minister of Defence Production
  • Minister of Public Works and Government Services
  • Minister of Labour, Industry, and Railways
  • Minister of Highways
  • Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
  • Minister of Health and Education
  • Minister of Transport and Communications
  • Minister of Infrastructure and Rural Affairs
  • Minister of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Minister of International Trade and Development
  • Minister of Environment
  • Minister of Fisheries and Mining
  • Minister for Women's Status
  • Minister of Veterans Affairs
  • Minister of Sport and Cultural Development